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Buyer does not approve order within due date

I successfully completed and delivered my order within timeline. But buyer does not approve order as completed(He is saying that he doesn’t see order approve option). And now order is showing in late delivery. What should I do? It is not my fault.

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clam down . Once you deliver before the deadline, you can just ignore the BIG RED LATE. Not sure why FIverr want to scare us. hahaha

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Did you deliver it pressing big green “deliver now” button?
Did you read how fiverr works? Do you see big banner on top of your order saying that order will be autocompleted in 3 days?

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It wouldn’t have shown late delivery/been late if you’d delivered it by the delivery button.

The buyer doesn’t need to approve it within any time frame if you have actually delivered it. And it will auto complete in 3 days if he doesn’t.

The reason the buyer is unable to accept it because you didn’t actually deliver it, you just sent it as a message.

Sending it as a message is not a delivery.

Why not actually learn how things work before you sign up for and use a service?

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