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Buyer does not response after delivering product

Hi, the Honest sellers!
I just delivered the product with full source code,
But the buyer does not respond anymore.
They can cancel the order and disappear?
Best regards.

If the buyer is not responding within 3 days
Order 03 days will be automatically completed

Thank you very much,
But is he supposed to left bad review?

Not necessarily
It can go either way,
Was the buyer annoyed with you?

No, He was not annoyed, He was just disappeared after delivering the source code.

Do you have an experience similar to mine?

Very well

Not all buyers respond

Some just take the delivery and off they go

I don’t understand why they disappear after getting delivery.
Is there any advantage in that way for the buyer?

Yeah - a time saving technique.
Simply the same reason why you sometimes download an app from play store/Apple store without ever going back to drop a feedback or a review.

I see, he does n’t have 1~2 mins to provide feedback or reviews. right?
If the app store ask me to left review, I will left reveiws

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Unfortunately, not everyone is as considerate as you. Some people can be very busy or inconsiderate that they don’t care about rating or reviewing an order.

Just leave your buyer alone :wink:

If you delivered your work properly with a “delivery” button then order will be marked complete in 3 days if they don’t come back for the revisions.

After that they still will have 10 days to leave a review if they wish to and they are not obliged to do so. Of course you want them to leave a review but they don’t have to.


Or another reason.
Human right! Free will!
Sometimes we feel like doing something sometimes we don’t.

How are we to be sure that @truthworthydev always drop a review for the app.
:rofl: :smile: :laughing:

I think it is related business attitude and manner, not busy work.
It is related to respect to the work and effort that is dedicated for his project.

I agree. However, ratings/reviews are only optional. Fiverr doesn’t force its buyers to post a review after each order. However, Fiverr reminds a buyer twice to post a review. Despite that, if the buyer doesn’t post a review, it means they REALLY don’t want to submit a rating/review. You, as a seller, can’t do anything about it. Even so much as asking your buyer about a review CAN get you a ToS warning/account suspension.

So, my only suggestion: don’t expect a rating/review after each order. Get used to it.


I see, thanks a lot.
Now I am came to know what I should do.:grinning:

Thank you very much again.

The disappearance of buyers is normal
It can be because they are busy
The buyer may most likely review
Most likely not to review the purchaser
If you have worked to the satisfaction of the buyer, there is no problem
Review can be better
If the buyer is not satisfied either
It may be a bad review

I see, I was not sure because I was new seller.