Buyer does paypal chargeback for $5 order, makes new account and comes back


Just wanted to share this. A buyer made an immediate after delivery of the order chargeback on a $5 order, then made a new account and is sending me constant messages trying to get me to chat.

I found out the report button does not stop messages. If I report him to CS he will just make yet another account.


Can’t help you with this one MissCrystal I’m afraid, but interesting about the report button - I had to use it this week, and it didn’t work either.

Might be worth giving CS a shout anyway - at least they’ll be aware of what’s going on. :slight_smile:


If you report him to CS directly, they might be able to block his or her IP to prevent them making a new account. Also, make sure to drop in some buzz word in your complaint saying how you feel threatened and intimidated.


I had a buyer make an order with from 5 different accounts, dear lord was I scared back then XD



Who in the world does a chargeback on $5?

I need someone to send me an emoji of head shaking.


…assuming they use the same IP and not switch IPs using a simple Tor browser, which will make it impossible to deal with :neutral_face:


Once upon a time a site called Fiverr popped up from between the sheep of the green-green hills, and it promised its buyers only $5 services. It was a time when many could only make $5 chargebacks. Fiverr decided to keep the base $5 price, so some could still make $5 chargebacks.


The same kind of person who can’t understand why I’m not answering his messages eager to chat and be friends after that.


There are ways around bans of course, but if Fiverr would use a combination of some things, it gets harder, it´s not that easy to spoof everything that can and has to be spoofed, to not slip up, it gets time-consuming to make and manage x mail and other accounts and passwords, to get a new paypal or credit card;
there are sites that are pretty good with finding out and banning multiple accounts, some people don´t have the know how, some are lazy. It´s worth a ticket either way, just in case that nice person belongs to those.

I guess the report button has to go on a different ticket, it seems pretty buggy.


Report to the CS. With a considerable number of such complaints, they may implement phone verification at signup.