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Buyer doesn't Accept my order & doesn't give me any reason for this issue

Hello Forum,
Recently I have a problem.
That is: Buyer doesn’t accept my order & doesn’t give me any reason for this issue.
I tried 4 times…but the buyer gives not me any reason for this activity.
Now what Can I do.??
#advance Thx

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The buyer doesn’t have to accept your order - they may be busy etc.

Just leave your order to complete automatically 3 days after you’ve delivered, and stop messaging them - they may well be getting annoyed at you - I know I would be!

In addition - it’s the weekend - leave them be! :sunny:


It seems that his client rejected instead of not accepting. He tried 4 times.

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I didn’t read it as the order is being rejected, but you may well be right.

Perhaps the OP can explain in a little more detail to clarify?

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You cannot do anything, if you won’t accept cancellation fiverr will force cancel it for buyer.

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I completed the order as buyer requement .
but at this time buyer doesn’t accept my order …
and he Didn’t give me any resons… for this …??
I tell him for cancel the order…
But He doesn’t give me any Answers

Did he reject the order and ask for modifications?

And then he hasn’t told you what modifications are needed?

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Brother you got this.
He rejects the order and asks for modification.
But did not give me info…
So, now what can i do??
i try 4 times…??

If he won’t tell you what modifications are required, I’d re-deliver the original work, with a note saying for him to please let you know what changes he’d like you to make. (Sounds like you may have done this already)

I’d also send a message to Customer Support to let them know what’s happening and ask for their advice as well.

Good luck! :sunny:


thanks a lot for support me!
have a great day.

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Run out of hearts! :green_heart:

You’re very welcome, and you have a great day too! :sunny:

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Per Fiverr TOS:

  1. Buyers cannot abuse the Request Revisions button to gain more services from sellers beyond the agreed requirements.
  2. Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page.
  3. Buyers must use Fiverr Resolution Center to address their concerns and desired resolution related to the service provided by their seller prior to contacting Customer Support. Customer Support will not take any action against Orders where the buyers failed to inform their seller of issues related to the seller’s service and will allow sellers to provide a resolution first.

I suggest that you be as positive, thorough, and generous as possible with client.

You do not need to do work for free necessarily, but if they are asking for a small change or something that you can do without too much extra effort, then maybe try to accommodate them.

Acknowledge a possible misunderstanding, and not that they are strictly at fault for any particular thing–at least at the beginning.

Contacting CS to let them become aware of situation is good idea, and they can help guide you to avoid making any decisions that would contradict the results that you’re hoping to achieve.


thanq very much
I contact on CS.
hope that they fix it.
@thank you again