Buyer Doesn't Accept Refund


I gave you interesting Facebook posts, the kind people click, like, and share. If you disagree, there’s nothing I can do. So I’m refunding this order.

No, they are not interesting, they are not related to my topic, my products,

Fine, hire someone else. I refuse to revise.

This posts are totally useless for us. It is not related to our topic and products, i am totally unsatisfactory.

This is not the right attitude to deal with your customers, i will spread to the world, let others not to order from you.

No, i cant accept, if you refund, you need to refund twice of the money

**My posts were great, people don’t go on Facebook to read about iPhone screen repair. They’re not going to share boring posts about iPhone screen repair. If you don’t understand that, I cannot help you. **

I also don’t appreciate your threats

Whether your posts are great are not depend on your customer, not you, you totally didnt understand my requirements, but do the posts based on your opionion

It is your understand, you dont even know my requirement

I can write the posts by myself, but it is useless, It is totally waste the cost, please refund.

I have contacted customer service, they will refund this order. I will not communicate with you anymore.

Your service is terrible, $5 is not acceptable, you waste my time, i need to twice of the cost

Sorry, not $10, not $20, i mistake the cost


All that hassle for $5 freaking dollars? :roll_eyes:

What a cheapskate.

Edit: It was entertaining, though. :rofl: Thanks for the laugh.


Technically, it was a $10 order, but he got confused. That’s why his last message was:

“Sorry, not $10, not $20, i mistake the cost”

The guy is a major moron, I clicked his name, he has a gig with two cancellations for failure to deliver on time. Ironically, his gig promises to share content with 21,000 of his contacts on LinkedIn. How hard is it to share content? How can anyone be late for that?

Yeah, it’s a huge hassle. I’m glad I didn’t get angry, didn’t use exclamation points. I haven’t gotten an account warning in many months, and want to keep it that way.

Maybe Fiverr has tamed me after all these years. LOL