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Buyer doesn't answer

I would really appreciate some advice on this.
I have a gig with a buyer to do three floral paintings. As we discussed I would send him the sketches first and after his approval or comments I would go further with the painting.
He was engaged in the first conversation when we established all the details of the project.
I send the sketches in a week’s time(which I spent quite some time working on), with two weeks remaining to paint. Now there are 5 days to the delivery date and no response whatsoever.
I messaged him three times, both on the order page and as a personal message in the chat.
I am unsure what to do as my stats are already at 90% because of another issue with a buyer and I don’t want to go lower as I will go up a level in a few days as well.
On a smaller order I would deliver anyhow and do any revisions when they come back but obviously I cannot start three complex paintings without any feedback. Neither would I like to rip the guy off for a job I didn’t do, neither do I want to have worked a day on the sketches not only for free but for a decrease in stats.
If I contact the Resolution Centre can they cancel without affecting my ratings?
Should I deliver the sketches again through the “Deliver” button and tell him that I am happy to continue the project when I get feedback from him? Will I get in trouble for that?
He did mention that his due date for the project is flexible but I’m not sure if this is just him being flexible or if he just vanished.
Thank you and I’ll be thankful for any advice.


I smell a scam.

Right now, the Buyer has free sketches.

I would request an extension of time and attempt to contact the Buyer once more for some answers.

If you don’t hear from the Buyer, I would cancel the order and move on (my opinion).

It sucks, but it happens.


This will be violation of TOS - abuse of delivery button , So dont do that…

If I were you, I would move with final painting and deliver final art to buyer and wit for the feedback,
at least there is 50% of chances that buyer may accept or ask for revision…

If you have offered revisions to buyer, you should be ready for it and not to rely on feedback of sketches !
I know feedback on ongoing project is important and reduce amour of work for and revisions but its not alwasy compulsory to keep update buyer about ongoing progress !