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Buyer doesn't appreciate my work

I received a order with 3500 words. I promised him a good quality. I worked at that translation 15 hours with my team of translators and he wasn’t active during my delivery time. He made the same thing again with another order. I worked a lot and he didn’t pay nothing. That’s not correct!. Also, I want to say that fragglesrock and fragglesrock are the same persons. I worked a lot at that and I’m treated like that. I didn’t receive a modification. Fragglesrock sent me last night a document to translate. I told him it’s legal documents and I can’t help him and at the same time I refused him, I received a cancelation request from my buyer,fragglesrock. It’s not correct. Please, analyse those accounts. Also, they both have a gig with translations and they order from other people who are specialised in this. That’s not correct enough. If they are good in what they do, they do this without ordering from other people. I hope this problem will be solved ASAP. Also, I reported this problem on fiverr.

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You aren’t supposed to call out names here on the forum. But anyhow, I checked… You are right, it seems to be that they are the same person.

I have a this strong feeling she is scamming you, good to know you reported it. Hope everything gets solved right away…

I would suggest not doing large orders with new customers. You could translate part of the required work. Setup an order to do the first 100 words or 250 words. Slowly working towards larger orders. Spend a little time to get acquainted with a new customer. This will minimize the risk.

It’s not a new customer, I thought she had experience with this and she had 30 orders I guess, so…

Also, he threatened me that fiverr will delete my account!

You never want to bribe your clients with free work in exchange for positive rating! This is against the rules, and in fact can get you banned. I am sorry you had a bad experience. You can always contact support and address the issues with the buyer.

Oh, I understood, but I think it’s not as important as what he did to me. He threatened me…And I worked a lot and he doesn’t want to pay me!Is there any chanced to report those accounts?

Did you work on the order prior to the buyer purchasing the gigs? If I understand you right, you delivered the translation without getting the official order?

Reply to @ralucamath: @landongrace meant that if a customer is new to you, you want to limit orders for the first order or so. (Correct me if I’m wrong Landon.) Even if the customer is an experienced seller or has been a buyer, it doesn’t mean they haven’t scammed people without getting caught. You don’t want to take bigger risks until you get to know them.

Reply to @fonthaunt: I will praise you when you are right! Thanks. Exactly right. It’s not a judgment call at all. It is solely based on the fact that they haven’t worked with me before. My refunds (after work is completed) have been about 1 penny for every $5.00 (Very Low), but I got tired of refunding $150.00 projects when it just wasn’t exactly what they wanted.

Reply to @annai80: I agree with you 100%. Sometimes if I’m enjoying an order, I might do more headlines than what they buy, for example, but I never offer free work. This is Fiverr, not Freeverr. Nothing gets you nothing, if people want something they have to pay.

Reply to @ralucamath: Document everything with your transaction with this buyer, share your concerns to Customer Support, they will help, trust me… (However, right now it seems like they’re taking a lot of time in replying to queries)… But only Customer Support can truly help you in this case…