Buyer doesn't care


I have a buyer who contacted me on December 19 and we made a deal.
I sent him 30$ offer. He didn’t accept it.

After 5 days buyer “shows up”, orders 2 of my gigs worth 20$ and then he fills “let’s talk when ur online” in requirements…He doesn’t show up for another 24h, of course…
After my complaint to him that he didn’t accept 30$ and that I want to cancel because I can not work like that he is not providing info, he refused to cancel, he’s never online and then he ordered 2 more gigs, total 35$.
I offered him too to extend delivery to 10 days but he refuses that and requests 2 days, which is again -
tomorrow expiring. He didn’t appear again. He is “Fiverr Top Buyer” … i never had a client like this.

What should I do?

Oh Dear!
Delivering a Gig late can result in 10% lower buyer activity. Learn about managing late deliveries.

Is he ruining my business?


sounds like a nightmare client. Have you contacted admin?


That’s impossible, because you can it that cancel button just as hard as he can. You can also ask him to accept and tell him that he is now harassing you and if he doesn’t knock it off you will report his ass to fiverr Trust & Safety Then do so if necessary.

Be the more stubborn one. You can refuse to work with anyone for any reason.


I mean if he expects me to work on 31st or 30… man…
I can, of course, open dispute and cancel this by the great power of the Fiverr team. but i gave him another chance and he’s not responding. it’s weird.


That’s up to you. I charge way extra or rush or holidays. Just tell him what your time is worth, otherwise, it is his problem.


You sound experienced :smiley:
I’ve been working months here. but having trouble with things like determining the price or being scared I will scare off a buyer with the price so i end up working for underprice…


That’s understandable. It is important that you manage to communicate VALUE and then just give the PRICE, don’t make price your selling point. I wrote a post about this here which might be helpful.


I LOVE this and it’s not enough to express it with <3


I think that after the initial waiting period when a new seller has slow business and loses confidence, this is the next most deadly thing you can do to yourself. We all worry about pricing, but I will tell you that I have raised prices 4 times, and am considering doing so again. You use it to filter out buyers you don’t want, and regulate how busy you are. Don’t undercut yourself. Take a real look at what your time is worth and work toward that goal. What’s the point of doing sweatshop rates anyway?


You are right! I have a feeling that most buyers who pay 5$ want EXTRA work and those who pay higher prices are usually more serious, satisfied and more respectful of my work. I do not know if that is true but that’s what I feel truly.


You just cracked the code. I never understand the folks who won’t push the price. In my category there are sellers with many thousands more reviews than me who still do $100 words for $5 with 24 hour delivery. If the seniors in your category won’t help move prices up, you have to scratch your head. What’s the rationale to record 50 orders for the same money as I get for 20? Fear of pricing yourself at your true worth is wide spread.


I closed and delivered the order to this buyer. Overworked for the amount of money, and he is constantly demanding more. I completed the initial list he gave me when we negotiated the price. and i even did even more. Don’t forget he remained FULLY UNRESPONSIVE. and almost IMPOSSIBLE to work with.
Now he is back… DAYS LATER again acting crazy

Why all orders are being marked as completed without my notice ?
And even job is not completed yet

Again, I almost instantly responded to this message, and no response since. Which is building worry within me… What should I do?

Oh man… I feel unprotected.


Say exactly this:


I’m very sorry but Fiverr itself marks orders as complete 3-days after delivery. I have no control over this. Also, the work which we initially discussed has been fully deliverd, as per the price which we originally negotiated. In this case, I am very sorry but if you believe that there is a problem, you will need to take this matter up with Fiverr Customer Support.

In order to avoid any confusion, I will also send them a message now directing them to your order and delivery. If you are having a problem finding this and/or the download link to your work, they will subsequently be able to help direct you to this.

Kind Regards,


Send that, send a notice to CS explaining your side of the story, and cease any further communication with this buyer. They are trying to scam you and the above should send them scrambling. Works with the few people I have like this.


Copied and saved for future use - thank you @cyaxrex! :slightly_smiling_face:


I will hold to see what he will respond. If he makes trouble I will send this.
i did some PHP programming and WHMCS customization + configuration
and way over agreed


Well, my experience says that communication with these types should be kept to a bare minimum.

The more you communicate, the more they feed and try to manipulate. Also, the messier your conversation logs get, the harder it gets for CS to look through them and see exactly what is going on.

I usually find that people go away and then come back a week later to try again if I send anything CS related. Try and do that until your buyer can no longer leave a review. Either way, don’t feed the evil.


It helps if you know you are the best and that is apparent.

It is an insulation against problems to have a higher starting price.


Agree on pricing. Higher price is like garlic to a vampire, usually.