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Buyer doesn't have time to review my work, and ask to extend delivery time after a month

Hi, I need some tips and help.
My buyer said she is very busy and doesn’t have time to review my work two weeks ago. We both agree to extend the delivery. But now, buyer wants to extend the delivery time after a month. I sent a message to customer center, but they said they can’t force a buyer to to accept an order in any way.
I really want to complete this order for now. What should I do with it?



Hi @huiyingtan , it seems that a client may be milking you for more work which quite seems that you arent getting paid for enough holding onto for so long. I recommend that deliver the order and wait for the client to either take the order as is, but should be noted that there is a 3 day limit before the order is automatically accepted by the client himself. If the client will want revisions, he will have to pay for more revisions or ask before the timer runs out.

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If buyer don’t accept your order and also don’t reject delivery then after 3 days it will be automatic accepted.
and fiverr never talk to buyer for accept your delivery its the rules. so there have no option for you. and fiverr always support the buyers.

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I agree with the suggestions already posted.

I would deliver it again and wait for the 3-day automatic acceptance to take place.

Don’t let a Buyer bully you.

Good luck.


That’s no solution though. If the buyer wants to keep it open, he’ll just keep opening revision after revision and never allow it to close.

If he misses it and it auto closes, you run a high risk of getting a bad review, which is way worse than just not closing the order.

Fiverr system is atrocious when it comes to revisions. The buyer should be forced to provide instructions when clicking the request revision button, or forced to complete the order. Until that happens, they can do whatever they want and there’s literally nothing a seller can do.


yes. right! she requested revision again and again. It seems she doesn’t want to close.

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Personally, if it wasn’t an expensive order, I’d cancel just to get rid of her, and then block her.


it’s a $600 order :sob:

Can I lie to the buyer and say “I am not able to extend the delivery for a month, I only can extend for 14 days”?


I’m smelling a scam.

Don’t count on the $600.


:sob: :sob:
That’s more than 10 hours work


Some Buyers don’t care.

You may encounter more as time passes.

That’s why I NEVER do “big money” jobs on Fiverr.

There’s too much risk involved.

The most I’ve lost was about $200 USD and that was when I learned my lesson.

I should use milestone payment function :sob:
I am so regret now!

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Why don’t you simply offer extension and wait for her to review it ? and start working on other projects ?
I have had a buyers who asked me to extend orders and I did and waited until they reviewed it and it was happy ending !

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yea, I am going to wait …

do you use other platforms for freelance job? Can you recommend some good platforms?


How many revisions did you give for this gig? Just wondering, because if it is unlimited buyers can scam you. Change it to 1 or 2 max and state in your gig description what these revisions consist of.

If you deliver (which you can), you may risk getting a bad review. Communicate politely to the customer and make some resolution with them. If the job is not too big, and not much money, make a mutual agreement to cancel the order. This only affects your rating for 60 days.


I do not.

Fiverr gives me about 30% of my monthly income.

I have been freelancing full-time since 2016 and have several customers I picked up before I joined Fiverr via my business website.

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Another sensible and cautious seller. My approach is very similar.

When working with a new buyer, I limit my time investment to an hour or two. This way if the buyer turns out to be scammer or a nightmare to work with, I can live with the result. I would rather turn down a larger job from an unknown buyer than go through an extended potentially stressful experience.

Should a new buyer pass my test and go on to become a returning (and in my eyes a trusted) buyer, then I am happy to extend my time investment up to a day maximum for each order. But I usually limit individual jobs to half a day.

As I’ve said before, my system won’t make me rich - but it does protect me from losing many hours of work, money and stress. And peace of mind is far more important than anything else. I think the phrase is “spread the risk”.


That’s not a good idea, even apart from generally not being a good idea, they would just have to ask support and would know, and, what’s more, support would know that you told them that.

With some people, it can work trying a compromise and giving a good and actual reason that anyone should be able to understand, like “I’m sorry, but since I need to schedule my time and factor in eventual revisions for all my current and future orders, I can’t let orders stay open for such long periods. Fiverr’s period for buyers to check their deliverables and ask for a revision with actionable requests as to what they want revised, is three days. Seeing that your order is bigger, those three days may have been a little short, and I’m happy to give you another week of time to check and get back to me with your list of revisions if any.”

Just an example, and reasoning doesn’t work with all types of people, but some are open for actual arguments if they are presented well and nicely, without a reproachful tone or such.
Won’t work with someone who purposely tries to stall things, of course, just because they think they can, or with those who are in truth scheming for a cancellation by using such tactics.