Buyer Doesn't Know how to Mark as Complete


My buyer doesn’t know how to mark and order as complete. Not having thumbs is really messing her up…and me too. I have contacted support, by the time they get back to me the orders I reference I have auto-completed, and they tell me “Kenneth…the order was completed. IF you have any more questions…” URGH LOL

Anyway…why is the star system confusing me client so much? She was doing great with thumbs. I don’t know how to help her. She has submitted a ticked but hasn’t gotten a response.



She is leaving comments but they aren’t being accepted as completed. That’s where she is having issues…lol. They are ALL auto completing. I might have to order a gig to see what the heck she is talking about.


Harryadney…my buyer told me that there are 3 star ratings on the gig that you have to be filled in to get the order to be completed. I’m just going off of what I was told…I’ve never seen it and not sure if that helps.


I’m a buyer and I don’t have a clue how to mark as complete. The Fiverr workspace isn’t at all intuitive. the forum answers seem to be geared towards answering sellers questions on this. I think Fiverr needs to sort this out as a matter of urgency.

I’ve followed your advice madmoo but there’s no “rate this purchase” link and no feedback box.