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Buyer doesn't reply after delivery: good or bad sign?

So I received me first order (a custom emoji) and I delivered it the day of the order even though I have a threshold of 3 days. I delivered it with a message stating the description of the file and if they were satisfied with the product. I didn’t get a reply and sent a follow-up message the next day with still no reply. It’s been a few days since I delivered (using the watermark just in case) and I’m wondering if the lack of reply is a good or bad sign.

Same problem I have !

Good or bad. After the 3 days I think the watermark comes off anyway since the order closes then and they’ll be able to download it. I’m not sure that people understand they have to accept it to get it watermark free OR they’re downloading it via their phone where the watermark doesn’t seem to appear.

Some buyers just don’t reply. There are also buyers that are just as new as some sellers. So they don’t grasp the concept entirely. Don’t worry. After the three days the order will marked finished and your good. Just let it go.

Thanks for the comments! The buyer seemed to like it because they left a 5 star review.