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Buyer doesn't reply my work anymore

A buyer hire me to draw for him/her a Baterry robot concept. I’ve finished my work very soon and sent it to the buyer 3 day ago but he/she doesn’t answer or receive my work. What can I do in this case?

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Be professional, send the files again, mark the order as completed and wait for your buyer to respond.


There is an option in you notification folder, it’s called ( Resolve Now ) you can try on this.

But my advice is, Deliver you job with all Final file, i repeat with all final file and write one note that. you time is over thats why i deliver your job.

if you need a good relation with your buyer or you want to repeat him or her also mention that please don’t worry if you have any more correction please send me a message, i will do it. Maybe you can charge few extra $

Also Don’t forget to tell about review… cause it is important.


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Thank you, I’ll try it