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Buyer doesn't respond after I offered an extra

Hi. I had an order recently and I delivered the product. After a conversation, buyer requested a revision to add some feature. I offered an extra that will match this feature. Then, the user doesn’t respond and he’s offline. Technically, I am the person who is late with this revision, but buyer didn’t respond to my extra offer. I don’t want to lose my earnings if there’s a fiverr timeout. What do I do now?

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There’s a difference between revisions and extras. Extras are things you pay for. Revisions are free (and are mostly used to change minor things). If they want to add a whole new thing that isn’t included in the original package, then yes, you offer an extra not a revision. The person might not be responding because they were trying to scam you and it didn’t work, or they just went offline becaus of personal problems. How long has it been since they last logged in?
Revisions add 24 hours to the order timer, I believe. Extras can add more days. That depends if the buyer accepted the request for a revision or extra. Even if the date is due, once the buyer accepts the request, your order won’t be marked as late anymore.

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It’s about 2 weeks now. I know that there’s a huge difference between revisions and extras, I offered an extra because I think that the things this user asked me to add are more than a minor change and it’s more like one of my selected extra (which isn’t expensive, so I think the person should accept it). The counter shows ##LATE## and I can still deliver a package, so fiverr will be still accepting the delivery.

Yeah, client probably just didn’t like you charged him more. That, or fiverr has banned them in the meantime. I’m pretty sure orders get canceled by CS if that happens though, so not the case.
I suggest you contact CS about this. I believe it’s best to ask them to cancel the order so your account won’t be hurt.