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Buyer doesn't respond what should i do!


I received an order and i finished it and sent it to the buyer for review but the buyer didn’t respond so i sent another revision and they didn’t respond for 2 days and the deadline was the day after so i delivered the work as i completed it.
in the last 17 hours the buyer requested a revision and said that they purchased for the package of 3 revisions so i responded in the exact same minute they requested the revision and asked if they want to change or add anything and asked them to tell me their full instructions. and again, no respond! … Now, the deadline is so close for me to make any changes if they responded and this will effect my rating as i didn’t get the work done.
What should i do in this case?


No - you delivered before the deadline was up.

You can do revisions for as long as you like after the clock runs down - it won’t affect you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh. ok i didn’t know that thank you.


On similar note, I’ve had a number of people that I’ve done work for who simply don’t respond after I deliver their work to them. If something with my product is really a problem for them, they will let me know, otherwise I assume that all is good.