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Buyer Doesn't Think My Response Was Creative

Here’s a literal conversation I had with a client who decided not to buy.

“I am looking for a slogan for our (real estate) Project Development company. Something with development and interesting financial gain for investors. Could you do something with that? Regards, Robbert”

“Yes, I love real estate, you can order my gig anytime, then you can tell me more about what kind of slogan you’re looking for, if it’s for the website or advertising, and other information that will help me accomplish this task.”

“Hi Fastcopywriter,
Thank you for your response. After having received input from the different creative people we had contacted we have chosen the one with the most creative response.
Unfortunately you were not selected.
We wish you all the best with your future endeavors!
Kind regards,”

“That’s OK. I hope his slogans are as creative as his response. Have a nice day.”

Can you believe that? What the heck is a creative response? And why would it matter?


Ha Ha Ha
Buyer find a creative way to say seller ‘No’


It’s the weirdest rejection I’ve ever gotten.

What’s your weirdest?

He’s probably referring to a personalized, custom response. It may even be something where the seller took the time to address the request in more depth, and offer more individualized details regarding how the seller can specifically help him.

I think that would qualify as a “creative response”. And yes… it matters. :wink:

To be honest, I rarely receive buyer rejections. For some strange reason, buyers actually WANT to work with me. I think it’s because of my eyes. I have friendly eyes.


Ouch! :joy:

Yeah, that’s weird.

If you knew you had to write a witty response, I’m sure you would’ve sealed the deal. :smiley:

I don’t take window :shopping: shoppers seriously!

In other words, you captivate (hypnotize) your audience. :eyes:


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Real estate agents will be the end of civilization as we know it.

From far too many ‘pleasant’ experiences like yours, I’ve come to develop a deep understanding of the average realtor psyche. First and foremost, real estate agents lack any kind of practical or emotional intelligence. You either praise them for being and bow down to their magnificence, or you become their arch nemesis.

Alternatively, if a realtor can smell money (which they can) they will become the ultimate sycophant. They will hard sell everything from the dead body under their latest property patio to the charming quality of the weeds clogging a property gutter.

Don’t take your message from this agent personally. As soon as the next housing bubble pops, he or she will be on the sidewalk competing for food with the local stay cat population.


Only if they stare into my eyes. :wink:

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Ouch. That’s harsh, and completely rude to great real estate agents everywhere.

I know a few great real estate agents. They do exist, and there are plenty of them as well.

Wow. What realtors have YOU been working with? Ouch. :zipper_mouth_face:

Again, wow. :open_mouth: :roll_eyes:

Possibly. I should perhaps rephrase my definition of realtors to realtors on Fiverr. However, I do work with a local realtor and it is my firm belief that few have any persons best interest at heart other than their own. Their job is to sell properties no matter what, for the cheapest price (to them) as possible.

On Fiverr, realtors quickly became a nightmare for me to work with due to their ability to switch from nice: “Hello, I’m Yvonne from X and I love your work!” Into nasty, insulting, threatening bullies, as soon as after several free revisions on already discounted work, I politely informed them that more would require extra payment.

If it was one, it would be a bad selling experience. If it was 2 a month, it would be a curiosity, the fact that it was at least 50% of realtors ordering from me, is what laid the foundation of my prejudice. - And why I now do not offer any real estate services.

I do still offer real estate services off-Fiverr and benefit from a tidy sum at the end of almost every month. I do, however, also run into many of the same problems. i.e. I can sit with a realtor and show them examples of my work. I explain how my style of videos is best suited for use on social media, which platforms, and what kind of elements I can include. (Drone footage etc).

Now, however, I reject all new inquiries. Specifically, due to:

  • Provision of work resulting in: “Sorry, we don’t actually need this anymore, I should have emailed, how do we go about getting a refund?”
  • Agents wanting to haggle about prices (which are already massively discounted at $60) in-person at their office. - Really? You want me to get on a bus, a ferry, visit the neighboring island, and discuss the possibility of doing the exact same project for $40?
  • Most agents always being late for appointments, requesting to pay after delivery (with no deposit down) and all feeling a need to numb my brain with stories of how amazing they are.

In short, I have never had the displeasure to work with so many people from the same industry, who seem to have such a universal disregard for other peoples time. The upside, though, is that a bit of an expose on the Maltese housing market which I have been able to write as a result, is selling quite well! :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, it has been interesting to learn that should my freelance career ever come to an end, I would likely be able to become a real estate agent in a matter of weeks. - And be incredibly good at it! :):sunglasses::+1:


and your answere is

i think you should have to said that yes i will provide you the creative slogan … feel free to place an order…
your buyer told you he is loogking for slogan and you replied back what kind of slogan you 're looking for… ! do you know what is the meaning of slogan…?

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@alihamza796, intuitively he was asking something about the tone and the scope of the slogan, as part of the requirements, which is correct:

you can order my gig anytime, then you can tell me more

Realtors are not all the same and the intention was presumably to provide a fit solution, not a canned slogan.

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That’s weird. By mentioning real estate, I thought my response was personalized. What was I supposed to do? Wait until 2pm and then send a response? I was in bed, talking to my phone, it was 3am, I can’t run to the computer every time someone sends me a message.

I wouldn’t go that far, and this guy to me sounds more like a real estate investor than a real estate agent. Real estate agents are usually super friendly and hate burning bridges. Real estate investors can be rude. In America there’s a famous billboard with the words “We Buy Ugly Houses,” written in the ugliest font you can imagine, like a hobo font. That’s rude, but memorable, and they make buckets of money.

Now if you’ve had bad experiences with realtors, that’s a different story. Yes, sometimes realtors can be very picky.

Jon, I’ve been trying out your friendly eyes, it hasn’t worked… yet…


I don’t understand your hostility. I was not attacking you in my comment.

Oh, good heavens. Those are the wrong model of eyes. I use the Hazel 3.0 version. :wink:


I wasn’t being hostile! “That’s weird” doesn’t mean “you’re weird,” it means that the situation is weird. I’m not attacking you!

Alright. I apologize for reading your heightened emotions the wrong way.

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How about this response to his first message;

“Your search has ended. I’m just a little bit worried if you are going to be able to cope with sudden increased workload due to increased investors interest. Are there enough people ready and manning the phones?”



I love that!

This is exactly why I love asking questions on the forum, I always learn something new.