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Buyer Doesn't Understand No


I’ve had a message about writing 3 - 5 articles a month for 6 months.

It has become obvious that the buyer isn’t aware of how Fiverr works and thinks it is more like a job site for freelancers rather than paying for an article with a specific word count, topic and delivery method.

I’ve said a few times in different ways that I have too much work on to take this on, I am not the right fit etc and no matter what I say they keep emailing me trying to get me to take this work on.

Is there a way to deal with buyers who don’t understand no?


If I were you I would jut flag his messages as spam and he won’t be able to contact you anymore.


I think I might have to!

I don’t want to be seem rude but there is only so many ways you can say no!

I’ve had similar with my freelance web content writing Gigs.

I’ve also tried to explain in great detail the way Fiverr works.

I’ve ended up blocking the odd Buyer who won’t follow the way the system is designed.

It’s a harsh way to treat it, but I figure I’ve saved myself much grief by doing so.

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It is so difficult if they just don’t understand the system!

I think sometimes blocking is the way to go! I’ve spent all day trying to explain the system and how this isn’t going to work and I’ve been dreading hearing the new message notification! Definitely not worth the stress!