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Buyer doing order chargeback and bad impact on the gig


Hello everyone,
It’s been quite a few months I’ve been working on Fiverr
I had to face buyer chargeback this month where my buyer canceled 2 of his orders with me via chargeback
he was one of the happiest customers I had and I cannot believe he did a chargeback for the order
well that was only a minor part
the biggest loose was of my gig position
I’ve been working very hard to keep my reviews good, sales up and buyers satisfied
I was on the 1st page for the search results in my category.
but ever since the chargeback my gig position has gone to 16th page
gig views and impressions are going down

I’ve trying to recover from the lose a few days now
trying to promote the gig via social media, sending buyers request, trying to stay online most of the time
I had some orders in queue and some buyers convinced to give the order
so in this time
I’ve got new orders and quite a few orders completed as well

I don’t know what else to do to get my position back
it’s been a hard time getting no new chats or even response from buyers request

I finally thought of asking for help from the experienced sellers on the form
here is my gig link

kindly take a moment to check and suggest any improvements you can

PS: I’m not a writer, don’t know how to add crisp to the story to interest people but hopefully you’ll go through my boring story and help me


You can contact CS .May be they will help you if you can show your work and the screenshot of the review of that buyer…

Best Of Luck


Already contacted them
They said they cannot do anything regarding this
I don’t know what i can do to get my gig position back


Work more hard Bro . I have faced 4 chargeback in one month … So work more and more hard.

Best Of Luck


Thanks I’m doing my best and will continue to do so


What have you done to overcome the negative impact to chargeback?


Worked more and more hard… Just make a plan and work hard .You will be succeed …


Work hard in doing what?
Like sharing gig on social media or how did you get more orders?


You have to find out that … You have to spend time to search … How to success. No one will tell you the hidden secret… I am just trying to improve my works .And now spending time on forum to learn something .


Orders were from a single buyer?
Were the buyers’ profiles opened in the same month they ordered from you?
Did the buyers have any review on their profiles as a buyer?
If you don’t mind me asking, how much is the amount for each of these 4 orders?


2 orders from same buyer … Buyer was new on fiverr .Their account got suspended … And others two also new on fiverr …

And total amount was one order was $200 and another was $80. from same buyer . And others are $50 and $100 .:joy::joy::joy::joy:

I was just socked … For that stopped working this month… I am waiting for the next revolution.


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