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Buyer don't answer what to do?


A buyer made a purchase several days ago, but didn’t fill the requirement so that I can start working, after several emails, the buyer never answer, what to do now ? should i send a request to cancel it ? the cancellation will affect my seller performance ?

Thank you in advance

Ah, but, YES it WILL affect you if you initiate a cancellation. Do NOT do this if you want your analytics page to remain in the green.

Just keep reaching out once or twice a week (do not spam the buyer) for the requirements you need to start work. If it is just sitting there, the clock is NOT ticking (or shouldn’t be if you require information before you can start the clock). Just let sleeping dogs lie unless you want to screw up your Gig delivery rate or Cancellation rate!

I have about a dozen Gigs from way back to 2013 that never filled out the requirements. Who knows what happened to these people - they either forgot, left the platform or were abducted by aliens. LOL



Do NOT edit it or do anything but WAIT for the buyer to send you the requirements. Do NOT listen to this other guy - delivering work just so you “deliver” is not only wrong, but unprofessional. I also would wonder how on earth you are supposed to deliver something when you have NO idea what on earth they want done? Just leave the order ALONE until the buyer replies with the information you need - the clock on this should NOT be ticking away IF your Gigs require the buyer submit information FIRST.



Just deliver and mentioned that you don’t give me answers that’s why i am deliver your project.Whenever you provide me information i will work for you after delivered order also.

Because cancellation is effect’s in your profile & late delivery also effect in your profile analytics so both way you will get disadvantage.

And that’s not your fault if Buyer not answering.So in Any situation don’t cancel the order & don’t deliver late order

That’s it.

Ugh! Please DO NOT listen to the BAD advice of these 2! Delivering a BLANK or product/service that has nothing to do with what the buyer may have wanted is wasting your time. If this buyer did not fill out requirements for what they wanted, how on earth are you supposed to just “wing it” and send any old thing to them?

IF your Gig REQUIRES that the buyer fill out the requirement page FIRST, then the TIMER on the order should NOT be ticking AT ALL -therefore, you will NOT be late. PERIOD. Yes, it is not your fault the buyer is not responding, but, it WILL be your fault if you just do whatever you want so you have something to send.

You are getting some really bad advice in here. If the timer is not ticking because the requirements have not been filled out, leave the order alone and keep trying to get a hold of the buyer. You may NEVER hear from them - believe me, I have quite a few orders where people just fell off the face of the earth after ordering. If I were to go in and cancel all of those orders, I would suffer and lose my Level! Just SIT on your hands on this one!



It’s not bad advise it’s advice for safe your profile IF Seller is not wrong.Yes if it’s seller mistakes that seller start the order & manually accept the order and then start clock then don’t do this but If buyer place order and clock is start & Buyer is not providing information then this is only solution.

If Sellers accept the order Manually and start the clock then sellers fault i agree with this.I am taking about if buyer place order and then don’t give information then do this way.

@vantoutbrothers i am not giving bad advice to anyone.

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you must wait for 3-5 days .if buyer did not answer then the best way is to cancel the order through CS.and this will not effect your ranking.

And I am not saying that deliver blank but when seller is deliver this order seller should explain why he is deliver blank order because buyer not given information i also mentioned that when buyer will provide information after deliver order seller should be complete the order.

If i want to give bad advice then i don’t suggest good things.I am not against buyer I always respect to my clients if things going fine and they are right.

And i am not saying that seller should not wait.Seller should be wait until deliver time is not near but late deliver is not good it will effect in profile also.

If the requirements field is mandatory and the order has not started its countdown, leave it be. It could be that the buyer is still trying to get things together and will come back later.

Do not cancel it and do not send an empty delivery (this could get your account banned). If the countdown has started, then send a cancellation request, but only if the countdown has started.

GG is giving you the right advice here.


Yes! That’s i agree that if countdown is not started then don’t need to do anything.That’s i also mentioned in my comments.

I also mentioned if Seller manually accept the order then also seller’s fault But If Buyer Place order and then not giving information then it’s not seller’s fault.

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“let sleeping dogs lie” proper use. Thanks

[quote=“genuineguidance, post:3, topic:286086”]
“do not spam the buyer”
please explain me what is spam with buyer

If timer hasnt started yer, leave it, when buyer will get time he/she will inform you. I have 2 orders waiting for requirements for last two years. . . .
If you buyer has already discussed with you, you can start working on order by click I HAVE ALL WHAT I NEED…
If timer is ticking down, use resolution center and there is an option “buyer is not responding” It will effect your sells but keeping this order will lead to automatic cancellation making your profile more down as compare to cancelling it by yourself.

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lol, you’re right, the buyer didn’t log in fiverr since he made the purchase :slight_smile: thank you for the answer by the way

thank you so much for the GOOD ADVICE !!

the timer didn’t start as i didn’t receive the requirement, so iam clean ! but fiverr must do something regarding this issue to automatically close and order if the order didn’t start after a period of time…this is something to approve, and we as seller we can’t do anything. Thank you for your reply

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Fiverr currently have no policy for such order. And if you caontact fiverr they will tell you tha you should cancel order…so it is better to leave such orders and hope for a change in fiverr’s TOS :slight_smile: