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Buyer don't give rating


One buyer order me without knocking by messenge. And he don’t come online after order. But I complete his order and deliver. Then after 3 days automatically order completed. But he don’t come online. For this i can’t get review. How can i do now? :persevere::persevere: I am new in this platform. So review is most important for me. Here is my profile and the gig name is directory submission.

How can I force the buyer to give a review?

Not much, just move on and wait for the next buyer to review. Not all of your customers will review you.


But why? At this time review is most important for me but why god doing with me :weary::sob:


Yes I know . I don’t force someone for review and I always write a good delivery note. But as a new seller this is most important.


Explicitly asking for a 5 - star rating is contrary to Fiverr’s ToS. Do not do this.


Ok thanks for your information


Lots of buyers don’t leave a review… so, don’t worry about it. When I was new on Fiverr I had the same problem, in order to remember the buyer to give me a review I included in the delivery message something like “PLEASE, remember to mark the order as complete and give me your feedback”


You take money and be happy.


I also do this :sleepy::sleepy:


As much as I can understand that reviews are important especially for new buyers, and even if you leave the “please be sure to leave a review” message, the sad fact is that some people just don’t leave reviews, it’s that simple. I guess some buyers just don’t realize (or simply don’t care) how important ratings are to some people.
The only think you can do is get your next order and wish that he/she will leave a good review.


Ok thanks for your help :tired_face:


Maybe it’s a good thing the buyer didn’t leave you a review, because although you thinking it will be a 5 star, it might turn out to be a 1 star.


You are right. But i am confident to my work.


So is everybody else on fiverr.


I think lots of buyers have some customers that’s why they do not rate. They do not want their names will be on reviews. Do not care about that. :slight_smile: No rating is better than negative rating.


that’s also right :neutral_face:


Plus, let’s be honest…do you go online and review the barista every time you go to Starbucks?


I do not have problem with reviews :slight_smile: So I think this question is not for me.


I know, I was just kicking an idea around. To tag onto your good advice.


You are absolutely right. :slight_smile: