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Buyer Don't Know, What He Want


Last week I got an order and buyer told me I don’t know what I want !!!
I told him please tell me that what can I do for you ? He said I don’t know then I told him why you create order in my gig, can I delivery this order without activity and are you give me five star ?
Suddenly he said cancel this job !!!
I reply why order why cancel ? Finlay I cancel that order for avoid bad review.
It’s very bad experience for me in my fiverr life.


It happens - buyers order by mistake, don’t know what they want etc.

If he didn’t actually want your gig, the best thing he could do was to cancel to be honest.

There’s a lot worse things could happen! :slightly_smiling_face:


That must have been very disappointing but it happens sometimes to most sellers.
It’s better that he cancelled it than left you a bad review.


Yes it was really a bad experience.Yours decision was good.


Cancel is better than bad review
But Order refund also counts :frowning:


so are you really Anushka Sharma? Did you create GIG for acting too?


Absolutely brilliant call. Hate how often this happens…