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Buyer don't know what she want

My buyer doesn’t know what she wants I have done the things which she mentioned in order description but know she want something other when I asked her I will charge extra she said I can’t pay.

Give me suggestions how I can handle this.

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This Thread Might Help you.

That happened to me aswell and client paid only $5.

If she doesnt pay and it doesnt worth you just tell client you have done your job.

Also did you gave your client unlimited revisions? If so, you probably have a problem. :confused:

Do you offer unlimited revisions?

  • If yes, then you are obligated to completing “unlimited revisions”. :grimacing:

  • If no, then you need to be professional but firm with your Buyer. Politely let her know additional revisions will require a gig extra of :x: amount.

If she cannot afford the revisions, then tough. You are not here to work for free.

Deliver what she PAID for outlining what was included with the order.


I did task as she mentioned but now she want extra work and considering it as a previous work.

Yea I offered unlimited revisions unfortunate :frowning:

Yikes! Well, you should consider removing unlimited revisions. Just to avoid this issue in the future. However, until the Buyer is satisfied you’re stuck with revising the order. If you refuse the Buyer can complain to CS about your gig being misleading.

My bad @lisahenriques I’m replying to @solution_hub. :smiley:


If you offered unlimited revisions then you have a serious problem. Because you have to work untill she is happy :confused:


Thanks for advice. :slight_smile:

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Ok sure will do accordingly and Thanks