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Buyer dont respond in my cancelation request?


Hi Fiverr

I have an order, that for some technical reasons i cannot complete the order, so made a cancelation request to my buyer, but hi only see and didnt reac nothing. Now i have 48 hours when order will be auto canceled. So my question is :slight_smile:

  • Did autocancelation on this order will affect my rating (i meen will i got some rating for this)?
  • Can buyer left feedback to my for automatically canceled order?



If your buyer did not respond within 48 hours it will be auto cancelled.Apart from this your order completed percentage will decrease a bit (Which only you can see) and buyer wont be able to leave any feed back.

In the analysis section this will be showed as cancelled by seller (Not mutual) and you will see a Cancellation percentage in front of your gig analysis (The place where it shows gig view, impression etc)