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Buyer don't response me after order

Hello I am just facing one issue so I need suggestion what I should do ? Actually yesterday A buyer place me order directly .when I was sleeping . He don’t contact me first inbix just placed me order n asking my em ail for make me wix contributer n send data . but that time I was sleeping so I don’t response him so After 10 minutes He send me cancel request . When I wake up then I saw this cancel request so I decline this n send lots of message buyer that i m online now . Now I can response him but he isnit given any reply till now . Order deadline was 24 hours so when he don’t response me for some hours then I send him for extend delivery request but he is not given any reply till now . so now what should I do ? If I cancel order then it. Will affect my compilation rate . so I was thinking As he placed me order for design landing page but he don’t sent me any contents , n now he don’t reply me so what if I create a landing page template on my wix account n deliver order so if he want any modification then I can do it . plese you all what will be better ? Thanks


Respect the user’s wishes. Cancel the order. Yes, it will affect your rate, but what you’re suggesting doing is plain wrong.

Let’s play out what happens if you try to make a delivery:
The buyer contacts customer support about you essentially stealing their money, the order is canceled anyway, and you get a warning for breaking the ToS:

Warnings are far, far worse than a cancellation.


Thanks you very much dear . i dont know this can happened . You really guide me n now i sent him cancel request with sorry . Let see now when he will cancel order but you really help me . i will wish you get success in your business on fiverr . Thanks you


He accept cancalation request now and now my order compilation rate get down 75 % . Really its very hurting me .

Again: A warning with a cancellation would have been worse. This cancellation will no longer affect your account after 60 days.

In what way is it hurting you?

Hello Thanks for reply and I don’t understood . As I now canceled order then also I will get warning ? Is my fiver account is in danger ? Please clear me I m getting tension . thanks

No. You will not get warning. And your fiverr account is not in danger. Don’t worry.

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You might want to remove that from your gig description.

Hello what need to remove ,?

Thanks you so much. I was in tense n my both gig is perfact ? Please advice me . thanks

Oh I understood now that why buyer place me order n after not reply by me he sent me cancel request after some minutes ?

Don’t call at “Dear”, “Sir”, “Madam”, “Mam” …