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Buyer don't want to cancel, he is forcing me to provide him extra work (RESOLVED)


I just faced the worst experience ever. I am in fiverr from last 1 year and a level 2 seller with average rating 4.9* .
Now yesterday what happened is a buyer ordered in my gig in cheapest category $5 . Where I usually provide 2 concepts of logo in 48 hr. I deliver 2 concept within 24hr as I had less work yesterday. But the buyer says that he want 6 concepts instead of 2 for free. I agreed that as yesterday I had less work. So, I deliver him total 6 concepts…
Then the buyer saying that he want all the vector (.ai) files of the logos. I said in $5 we only provide a transparent file (.png) of one logo… But he said that if I don’t provide him the extra files then he will give me a bad rating and will rise ticket in customer support against me and will say that I don’t provide good service. I sent him cancellation request, but he denied that. He forced me to provide him all the files. I again send him cancellation request but he denied and saying that he will not accept the cancellation request.

So, I contact customer support and tell them the story and rise a ticket.

Then I saw that the buyer send a message to send him one file.. So, I sent him the file in attachment and again send him cancellation request. he decline and saying that he need the file as a delivery because he got the file. the extra work will be done by his team.

So, I trust him and send him one file in delivery. After 5 min, he accept the order but give me a 1 rating* with some bad comment. .

I also told that story in reply to my opened ticket in customer support…
Now I got a reply from fiverr customer support that , I am requesting for removing feedback, which is not possible, and here , in this story, the fault is mine, They take their buyer’s opinions and experiences very seriously.

I think the customer support name should be changed to “Buyer’s Support”…
Thank you


A buyer cannot force you to do anything. Don’t let him threaten you with a negative review. Deliver what he ordered, and nothing more – unless YOU willingly offer to do more work for free. You hold the cards. Enforce the terms of your gig, and be willing to say no.

You render his demands pointless and weak if you say no.

Yes, he may choose to leave you a negative review, but you can always respond to that review and tell yours side of the story. As hard as we may try, we sellers cannot please everyone. There will always be a few bad, demanding buyers out there. That’s just a fact of life.

Say no, and stand by the limits you have imposed upon the service you offer. Buyers are not entitled to anything more than the terms of your gig, or anything YOU agree to offer above and beyond those terms.

If you keep saying yes, he will know that he can walk all over you and get everything that he wants – at your expense. Don’t let him do that.


Your buyer review says you have copied the logo from Google Images… Try to deliver your own work if that was the case… Jonbaas is right no buyer can take advantage unless you let him.


Thanks for your reply. What actually happened is
I have send him 6 concept where I have provided 3 from scrap, and 3 from our existing works that we created before for another client and the old client have not used that. On the delivery time he said to deliver him that specific logo (May be that concept got leak as we upload all our work in portfolio.). If he ever say that he saw this concept in somewhere else then I will definitely change that . But he didn’t say that. He just told me to give that specific file in delivery and after delivery, he said that I do a Copy.


In his review, the buyer left the link to the company using that concept. If the buyer ever tries to use that concept, he could get sued for copyright infringement, and pay a huge fine.


I don’t know how many concepts you deliver… but deliver only mentioned concepts… No buyer should ask for free concepts…may be he has seen your old concepts somewhere as he mentioned… but in my opinion, your buyer understands copy right violations rules… and genuine work is always get respected… I feel pity for you… Wish you good luck in future.


What I mean to say is When I provided him 6 concepts and he found that 1 concept got leak, then he could tell me that. He could say me that your this logo got found there. But what he do is, he asked me the license/main file (.ai) of all the logos . I deny that. Then he told me to provide him that specific item. I send him and then in feedback he is saying that I have copied. Even I have told him that if he is not satisfied then he can cancel the order. I have also send him cancellation request.


Does that company have the right to use that concept? The Australian eye clinic, I mean?

It’s up to you to ensure that you have the necessary rights to sell a certain concept to someone. The buyer is not obliged to tell you that someone is already using a concept you’re trying to sell him.

I’m sorry about the trouble you went through, but you shouldn’t have allowed the buyer to bully you and to extort more than you offer, and you should have made certain that you’re not offering something that someone is already using.


Why are you agreeing with yourself? :frowning:

Wow, messy, messy, messy. You should’ve never agreed to deliver 6 concepts in 24 hours for free. Work smarter not harder! Secondly, did you or did you not create the logo as seen over at the :eye: Clinic website? or you just burrowed it temporarily. This is another issue based on the buyer’s feedback.

Support is the ‘middle man’ for both sellers/buyers. You cannot expect things to work in your favor all the time considering the sketchiness of the situation.


Actually I am new in this forum. So, I don’t know what I did there. I just double click on it and typed something and it happened. Sorry for this.


I have the complete right to use that concept as I have the main file . When I deliver a final logo to any buyer, I asked them whether they need the complete license of that concept, if yes, then they have to spend some extra which is also available in gig. If they spend that then I give that file to the buyer and delete that from my system. I only take a JPG copy to add to my portfolio.


It’s okay. Since you’re new to the forum. I know working with new :tools: can be challenging. Sadly, your chances of getting the feedback removed are slim to none. Unless the buyer is willing to have a change of :heart:. It’s also weird that the buyer accepted the delivery, I guess it was a revenge kinda thing. Typically, if Buyers are dissatisfied they are not shy about utilizing the revision button. But it’s clear that this Buyer was taking advantage of you! Next time, be firm on what’s offered in your gig. If Buyers want more concepts, make them PAY for it!


#Topic Closed. I got reply from Customer support about the issue. Buyer’s feedback can’t be removed.
#But as the buyer was not satisfied, I refund him. I think its a good decision.
#Thank you


May i know what this exactly means?


I am new in Forum so don’t know how to use many things. So, I do a wrong things. I just replied to myself by mistake. So I request to remove that. :slight_smile:


You were wrong to go ahead and give him 6 when you only offer two in the gig.

It was obvious to me when I read this that you were dealing with a scammer and he would be big trouble.

You could either have refused to give him anything more or requested a cancellation and if he refused you could have asked customer support to cancel it and told them why.