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Buyer doubt my video made from Green Screen (Resolved)


I actually go to the temple in Taiwan as buyer requested the custom background. I filmed, edited, and finished the video but the buyer requested a revision because he doubt my background was made from the Green Screen. I swear to God that I go to actual spot to catch that scene, I showed him my raw footage, and explained if it’s Green Screen then my hair wouldn’t blow so hard that day because it was very windy… He requested revision and so far no reply at all. What should I do? : ( If the order is canceled, I wound’t get the order revenue and he would possibly use my footage still.


If he’s not responding, what’ll happen if you just send him the original content you already sent? Just re-send it. But don’t take my word for it. First ask CS.


Okay! Thank you very much! I am very frustrated now! I feel working on here, seller doesn’t have better right than buyer. I did send the original raw footage, there are lots of windy sounds and my hair blow.


Just trying sending it again. And I am so sorry about the stress. Just try it again.


Some buyers actually like taking advantage of sellers…Unfortunate Fiverr can not protect us…You just need, to learn how to avoid the difficult one on your own.

Sometime it is better to ask a problematic buyer to cancel and avoid all the aches that comes with dealing with them…

Best regards


Problem solved! Thanks! : )


Can you kindly explain how it got resolved to help others?


Eventually, the buyer trust me! : ) This is the final solution.