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Buyer emailed about rates and then intentionally chose a cheaper package

I have a buyer who reached out and asked about my rates and if I could give them a discount. I’m usually fine with this if its like 100-200 words over my included amount (So my basic offers up to 1500 words, if their document is 1600, we can do the basic package) They told me the length and it was squarely in the next tier, not even close to the first tier. So I explained, no this would be that rate, this is what I offer.

So they intentionally placed the offer in the basic package and put rush delivery so that they’re paying what they want to.

I’m very frustrated. I’m taking a beat before responding out of anger. Can I contact customer service about this? I am not doing more than double the work in one day. My rates are set based on my ability to complete the project well, not to do some rush job that’s gonna get me a bad review.


Yes, definitely contact CS, and have them cancel the order for you based on the fact the buyer is intentionally ignoring your rates.


Thank you! I reached out to them


Have Fiverr CS cancel this.

Don’t let Buyers bully you.

I am also a freelance web content writer and my rates are firm.

I dislike it when a Buyer tries to get around our rates thinking that we will cave because “we need the business.”

No client is worth that.



CS said to send the buyer a custom offer for the correct amount. Which is kind of annoying because I explained that it definitely was intentional.

On another platform, I told a Rapper before we signed that we needed to all at least 10 hours (at my low rate). He kept prevaricating and would only pay for 4 hours. I said fine and I would deliver a straight Mix & Master provided he paid for two songs. He agreed.

I delivered the mix (which was good). He said it needed all sorts of things. Silly me I said, I’d try his desire to sound like Kanye (unghhh). Of course, while interesting. all that processing took more away from the track than it gave (seeing his core performance was limited - at least Kanye has more front than a Mack truck). He tried to get a third go-round. Already 12 hours on one song (seeing everything he sent was wrong and I had to waste time fixing his incompetent mess) so I said “no” and was about to cancel future milestones as there was no joy in listening to his rap culture material in my house with my wife & girls for nothing. Sadly he then delivered a backhanded review about me being too old to understand his coolness & industry cred that seems to have finished my ability to get any work in that place.

Kill it fast is my advice before it gets to what I allowed in this story above. If they can’t respect you (and you can’t respect yourself0 at the start, they will only get worse as they push for more.


I agree that canceling is your best course of action, but the reply from CS is a bit odd.

If I may ask, what specifically did you ask CS? Did you ask them to cancel the gig on their end due to the buyer disrespecting and ignoring your pricing, or just state that the buyer bought the wrong package?

CS deals with thousands of tickets a day (at a guess), so it’s entirely possible that whoever handled your ticket misunderstood your desired outcome, if you were the slightest bit unclear.

I asked them to cancel the gig because the buyer intentionally purchased the wrong package. I sent them this: "I have a buyer who reached out to me today about my services and inquired about my rates and wanted to negotiate a cheaper rate. Because of the length of the document from the information they gave me, I stated that it would fall under standard tier based on the information that they gave me. My basic package includes up to 1500 words, their document is 3700 words.

They then placed an order for the basic package, with rush shipping so that the total price was the total that they initially wanted to negotiate for. "

And that I was unhappy because we had had a conversation about my rates and I included screenshots of the initial conversation, of the order they placed and I included the document they sent me.

I think CS are following a formula rather than thinking on their feet. they never want to make the customer feel uncomfortable, even if they truly deserve it.

Do as they suggest and send the Custom Offer to match what they really ordered. If the customer declines, it is obvious then that they have no intention of being honorable. Hopefully then you will be allowed out seeing they are demanding more than they are willing to pay for.

I hope you don’t have any “100% satisfaction” stuff in your Gig or they may try to call on that to cancel as this a “get whatever I want” clause for poor customers.


I did end up doing what CS asked. I sent the buyer an email that was like, “So upon receiving your order I looked at the documents and I see that you placed the order for the wrong tier even though we had a conversation this morning in which I explained my rates.” and then I laid out my rates again and gave a little more explanation about the factors that go into setting those rates (length and time to do a good job.) And was basically like, this is the cost. I’m going to send you a custom offer and you can decide if that’s what you want to do. And I sent over a custom offer.

But my other concern is, they want delivery by noon tomorrow, which is physically impossible for me to do. The document is too long and its gonna be poorly done. which is gonna lead to a bad review plus like, no, this is the cost and they need to pay that and I don’t want to be strong armed into giving them a discount. I feel like no matter what, I’m getting screwed right now.

If this is all you sent, then, no, you didn’t actually ask CS to cancel the order for you, and I can easily see why CS told you to send a custom order.

You can try reaching out to them again, this time specifically requesting the action you want taken, but you’ve already sent a new custom order, implying that that is the result you were looking for.

I hate to say it, but you might have to go the ‘mutual cancellation’ route.

Towards the end of them email, I specifically asked for it to be cancelled because the buyer intentionally ordered the wrong package in order to pay what they felt they should be able to and willfully ignored the fact that I had gone over my rates. I just didn’t include that part here.

I tried to be as specific as possible and tried to include the correct information and said exactly what I needed from them.

To be honest I think CS was reasonable here.

Before I read all replies @daniellerlarkin i was going to tell you to first send a custom offer to a client, and then if he responds that he wouldn’t add it then go to CS and they will cancel it right away. Because CS prefers to see that you did everything you could.

Now I would give them a couple of hours. If your client doesn’t respond then to send a reminder message like “I still haven’t heard back from you and bla bla”. And if they still ignore around 12-6 hours before the deadline I would go again to CS saying that your client intentionally placed wrong order, you sent them a custom offer that they ignored and that you also sent a couple of messages but they went unresponsive.
With all those conditions fiverr will cancel your order. Of course starting your message to CS with “can you please cancel my order.”
(You always need to first give a sum up and action and only then state your reasons. Otherwise people loose focus”.

PS I think if you order will go late but later on cancelled it wouldn’t affect your stats. I didn’t have order late and then cancelled for a very long time so it will be great if someone else can confirm this.

I don’t think that after having a conversation with a buyer, that they, the buyer, should then take matters into their own hands and force me to perform my service at the price that they want. Which is what happened here.

The buyer reached out to me and asked to negotiate. When I declined, and stated my rates and why my rates are my rates. They took it upon themselves to order in a way that harms my business in order to pay what they want. My basic package includes up to 1500 words. Not “about 1500 words give or take a couple thousand” So, based on that fact alone, they ordered for the wrong package. Okay, things happen but then add in that we had an actual conversation about my rates and what my delivery time was for that size, it is unfair to me as the seller to be forced into a situation where my stats are likely going to be harmed. I shouldn’t be forced to work with someone who strong arms and tries to circumvent the system just to get a discount.

I appreciate the advice and that’s what I’m currently doing (and just sort of ranting because I’m frustrated) but it’s frankly gross that I’m put in this situation.

I 110% agree with you and this is why I wish Fiverr would give us the right of being able to cancel jobs within a certain grace period (or even later if the person has taken leave of their honor) with no foul to us. That would help make customers improve once they find better sellers decline them (then after some screaming about their rights to be pimples on the backside of Pigdom Come).

However this is the way it is here for better or worse (worse I think if you hadn’t guessed) so we have to either make do or find somewhere better. I am in several other places and I can’t say they are much better as mostly they are infected with the same disease as here (and the world in general).


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It happens , it’s sometimes a common practice among some buyers … and you can’t do much about it. Either contact support and cancel the order without affecting your stats or do the work and leave a review explaining the situation. I prefer the second part… that way , assuming that the buyer won’t create other accounts you can warn other sellers … more or less

Nowhere I said that you should :wink:
I told you how to work around things with CS to cancel your order.

If you have your own business on your own website it’s easier to manage things.
However we work through fiverr platform and they can push whatever rules they want on us wether we like it or not. You just need to know what would be the right work ethics and what fiverr would expect from you.

I also always cancel orders like that. And sending an offer is basically a way to cover yourself. Obviously your client wouldn’t accept it because they went an extra mile to cheat you and pay less so it’s only a way to show CS that you did everything you could, please cancel that order.

I know, I was just venting haha. I appreciate your help


I really hope this ends well for you. I’ve heard dozens of stories about Sellers needing to go through CS to get orders cancelled, but I think this is the first time I’ve heard that request being… ignored and redirected.

I get that Fiverr is a business. It makes revenue (at least partially) though the commission taken from sellers. Without buyers, it makes no income.

I also get that sometimes Sellers like you and me feel shafted when there’s three-way-miscommunication.