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Buyer Exchange Tip for Bonus

Hey, I am new at forum here just reached level 1 seller and offering a gig for youtube seo i have a quick idea in my mind i dont know how much is it practical and if this would be using by other sellers or not but let me share it
Tip # As i am a level 1 seller and offering a gig for youtube seo so i just coordinate with similar or bit higher level seller for related gig like seller offering whiteboard video, Testimonial video, intro video or similar and tell them an idea that after they complete a video and submit to there buyer they can offer a bonus of youtube seo of there video and provide him a code so i can recognize and offer a free gig to new buyer coming from that seller. similarly its my responsibility to exchange my buyer to the seller who recommend me equally. if some seller recommending my service to 12 buyers and the same i need to provide 12 buyer of mine to that seller.This way we can build more trust with buyer and good coordination with sellers to grow each other.if this way harm any fiverr policy then please share or i need ideas and suggestion of you guys here who are having good experience already. Thanks and wishing good business for all of your sellers.

I’m lost in what you’re trying to get clarity on.

Please specify more about it thanks for comment

I like the idea of working together.

Thanks let’s share the idea with related gig sellers

Great idea, its all about networking and promoting each others work so that everyone can benefit.

Thanks and lets share and work in a collaboration.