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Buyer Expectations Too High?


Okay, I’ve been on for a while now, and most of my buyers are awesome. I especially appreciate the repeat buyers. However, once in a while I get a buyer who is frustrating because he or she didn’t read the gig description, or even worse, believes that I need to put in way more effort than $5 is worth to me.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for making extra efforts so that buyers are satisfied with the product. But sometimes it can get out of hand. I had a recent order where someone wanted me to put way more time and effort into something I felt was worth a lot more than $5. Once in a while, especially when I deal with buyers like these, I get tired of my talents being undervalued. Am I the only one who feels that way?

I did edit my gig to make it clearer what I am willing to do. I’m not sure what else I can do besides rant on here… :slight_smile:


I totally feel what you are saying. I have people trying to get me to dress in suits and stuff that I don’t have for video testimonials … some want to tell me how to position the camera. Some even ask for free stuff… and I certainly don’t get any recognition for going over the 60 second time-frame when my gig states would clearly be 2 orders. Yet I still do it for one.

One thing I’ve learned is that people will take advantage of you and your services because they undervalue it. Buyers need to understand we only get $4 of that $5 and personally… although I make a video that is 60 seconds… it doesnt mean it took me 60 seconds… Most of the time , the video takes 10 minutes+ of research , 5+ recording takes , 10 minutes of editing , then about 15 minutes of rendering and uploading to the site.

All in all , $4 for about 30 minutes of work… on a good day.

I now make sure I set aside only 2 days out of the week that I record and send all my orders in.

This also has me about to set my gig down to 30 seconds for 1 order. And increasing my time limit to 7 days. I may get less orders … but at least I won’t feel so abused O_0