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BUYER Experience. I am Disappointed


Just my Experience. As a BUYER I have tried to use (2) different SELLERS, did not get the quality I expected, the color was OK, the design was OK, but I was hoping for input some guidance, some back and forth to get a good design. I am trying to create (3) logos for my new company. I was planning on te same look and design just different words. What I got was what I asked for but did not pop, was boring, very plain. I don’t think I am asking for too much but I wanted to simple design, with a 3D effect that would get attention. Spent over $100 and I am back at square 1… I was really hoping this site would provide help and I even tried it twice, but like the old saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I see some people had a good experience but I am very disappointed with the site… Good Luck


I would be interested to take a look at the designs you received. That is a reasonable amount of money to spend on a logo. Please don’t be discouraged. There are some really good designers on Fiverr. It’s sometimes hard to find someone whose work resonates with you.


Wheres a good buyer with a good experience when you need one? :thinking:


Sorry you had some poor experiences but you should know that there are over 60,000 gigs offering logo designs and you have tried 2. While obviously you should not have to try each of them, don’t discount the whole site because of two sellers.
You clearly have a particular idea in your mind but are looking for something to “pop”, which is not an easy thing for a seller to understand. You also seeking some to and fro which is not something that comes with a service priced as most are on Fiverr. What I do in this situation, where I need some to and fro, is to message the seller first and ask for a consultation order. Not all sellers will do this but the ones who will, are likely to be more experienced and knowledgeable in their field. Professional sellers will also appreciate your professionalism in seeking to pay for the advice you receive and their time.

While I don’t know the field, I do find this a little contradictory so perhaps you should consider how you describe what you are asking for: [quote=“jeffgeorgere, post:1, topic:115277”]
What I got was what I asked for but did not pop, was boring, very plain. I don’t think I am asking for too much but I wanted to simple design, with a 3D effect that would get attention.


Where indeed!


There will always be bad apples in the bucket!

Additionally, it’s fairly simple to find that perfect designer. Craft a message that explains exactly what you are looking for. Reach out to several designers and wait for their responses. You can clearly determine which one is the perfect fit for your project!

Don’t forget to explain your idea in depth and don’t expect the designer to “understand” you unless you “clearly” explain what you want.

Best of luck.

:bulb: Joe


I appreciate the feed back and I understand that there are a large number
of SELLERS on the site. I also tried to pick one that was ENGLISH to insure
a lower level of communication issues. I am in REAL ESTATE and want to
build on a simple design. I am sorry and thank you for letting me vent, I
just hate, hate wasting money and time and this has been a drain on both. I
am now running behind on my goals for the project and it is very


Thank you… not sure how to show you my designs but I am looking for someone to provide me a design I can use and not be embarrassed to show them.


@jeffgeorgere Please click on my profile picture on the left, then click Message


I don’t think nationality is really a factor, I spent a long time looking around and can commend someone to you. They did not communicate a lot but did deliver what I wanted. Perhaps you can take what you have received so far and have someone make some improvements to it.
Before you do that though, did you ask the sellers you hired for changes or discuss the work any further? Most sellers I have come across would like to ensure you are satisfied, especially when you are dealing with higher value orders and not just a standard $5 quick copy and paste project.


Hi Jeff,

So here’s the deal… it’s tough finding a legit graphic artist. It’s possibly even harder to find one that will work with you hand in hand. The sort of artist you are looking for will likely charge 100+ usd for a polished, original design. You won’t get much from professional artists with a low budget. I noticed that you said you spent $100, but how much did you spend on each single order? I ask because I notice a lot of people come to the forum disappointed in graphic art services they bought through Fiverr, and they almost always spent low, expecting high.

The key is to find a seller that has a good portfolio, check his logos against reverse image search, reach out to him via inbox and start a discussion and see if he knows what he’s talking about. This might take a bit of probing. It’s also a good idea to sketch out your idea of the logo and send it along to him. It doesn’t matter how bad you perceive it to be - a visual is always helpful for conveying your idea. Don’t be overly detailed with your description, but not too sparse either. Too much detail really bogs the main idea down - too little and he doesn’t know what you want. Ask him about revisions.

If you want a good designer who will work with you, providing ample revisions - you have to be willing to spend the dough for it. This is just my experience. I know how complicated design is, and I know that nobody is doing serious quality work for $5.


Both times I was working with the SELLERS I said I would pay more, afforded more money. It took 2 weeks for each time I tried a design. we went back and forth several times. When I started my last company about 10 years ago, I paid over $3000 for a logo design, before that I paid almost $10,000, FIVERR did not exist and I was hoping to find a designer that I could build a relationahip with that would provide me designs for the long term. It just does not look like I can get that from FIVERR, it is too hard to weed through the SELLERS to find someone who is willing to work on a design they just want to get something done quickly and them move on…


I would love to do that… How do I send a message to several designers. Can I put a concept out on the site somewhere and have a few respond. It looks like I pick one from the profiles and pay money to get them started???


That is really interesting and a bit disappointing (from the sellers) to be honest.
I am sure you appreciate the cost difference between your previous designers and these ones and have tempered you expectations but the fact that you are offering more yet they seem uninterested or unable to provide a better service to justify it is what is disappointing though. This is why I would suggest consultation orders. I do this quite often for one of my services (not logos) where the buyer pays for a couple of hours of my time. I get their info, ideas, requirements initially and then arrange a time to discuss things with them. Usually it will be an hour or two for me to assess and get their idea/vision and then a couple of hours of over and back. It works exceptionally well for me and my clients and I am sure it could work for you too.

Out of curiosity and if you wouldn’t mind, could you mention the seller level, number of reviews and what drew you to them? No names though as that is against forum rules.


I did all of that. Have a scetched out a design with samples. I sent a note to about 10-12 SELLERS and only 2 responded to my requests? The first seemed positive but it was very flat, blah no color and no suggestions. The 2nd one was better but just came back to me with a simple design I offered to pay more that the $50 he wanted and no reply just a slow process. Like I said I am so frustrated I can not find a designer… I found another site today like FIVERR maybe it will be ok?


Not likely. Sellers will be the same anywhere. I’d suggest contacting @eoinfinnegan. He said he has someone that knows what they’re doing. Perhaps you can get better mileage there.

It beats me why sellers would turn down more money, and further why they would shun communication with their buyer. It only helps get the job done faster.


You can send a message to multiple sellers using the “post a request” page!
You can have sellers applying to complete your given task.

:bulb: Joe