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BUYER EXPERIENCE - PreScreening a Seller

In 2015, I called upon a designer with Fiverr to design a professional logo for my new business with great success! I have now expanded my business and have found the need to modify my logo; however, could not (at the time) determine who the original designer was. Therefore, I had pre-selected a new designer based upon her criteria, feedback/reviews, and work product; however, found the need to message the designer prior to contracting with some questions. I signed my message with my full name and the name of my business. After receiving short one sentence responses addressing me by the name of “Dear”, I could only come to the conclusion that if this designer couldn’t pay enough attention to detail by addressing me correctly and professionally, this designer also may not possess the skill set necessary to produce a professional logo. In the world of branding, how you communicate speaks volumes.


That is why, communication prior to job so important… I do eradicate some buyers on pre-job briefing…


Also “Bro”, “brother”, “Dude” :sunglasses:



Madein5rr isn’t kidding. I’ve had sellers that actually say this, not often, but, it has happened.

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Zubair isn’t kidding either. :wink:

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Hello @cuffit

I tend to argue differently.
Here is my story:
I have come across buyers who address me as dear, hun, and many more sweet words :heart_eyes:. And, I am not quick to judge that they may be troublesome clients. Sometimes they turn out to be the best repeating buyers ever.
You know why?
At some point calling a person with such names eliminates tension that is between a new buyer and a new seller and on the other hand, creates a friendship zone where you can discuss business with much ease.

What I mean is being referred to as ‘dear’ or ‘hun’ or ‘dude’ it sounds unprofessional, but when you look at the brighter side, it makes the parties involved engage in a friendly way which is encouraging in any business.

So, don’t judge harshly.

Oh, my gosh! :fearful: :anguished:

Please don’t eradicate me!! :sweat: :scream:

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Not before the last chapter - I want to know how the story ends! Nah, you´re past this PreScreening thing this thread talks about already. :wink:

Adds forum posts to PreScreening methods

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