Buyer experience?


Hi I’m Darren I have a very strange experience with many of my buyers when they not rate my work or just place negative feedback. I want share with you and maybe get the advice. All answers of my question was " I’m not going to use that logo " ? when I’m visiting to doctor for a consultation is it possible to tell him that I’m not going to follow his instructions and ask for refund of money? I have an extra for 3 and more versions I have unlimited revisions extra seems the extra gigs don’t work because everybody wants everything for $5, because there is a lot of cheaters who sell 10 logos for $5 and not give any quality just stolen logos from google which is even not in vector format and has copyrights. So what to do to explain the buyer that for $5 he will get only something very basic and if he wants more there is an extras for that?


Hi Darren, you have awesome quality logos, many great examples that you showcase on your page, and the information seems to be all there. So what is the main problem? To me, if I am looking at all these logos that you have, I’m expecting to have something similar, since that’s what you offer in your title for 5$. Even if you write that you only offer a very basic logo for 1 Gig, many buyers don’t read the description. So your samples may be misleading if the customer sees them on a 5$ Gig without you mentioning that those were made by purchasing the EXTRAS. What you should do is have a sample picture showing what 5$ logos look like, since that is the basic Gig that you are offering. Then, show samples made for buyers who chose the Gig EXTRA, yet make sure that it is clear to your customers what they’ll get for their basic Gig order. All the best to you.


Reply to @norrsken_marc: You are right, thank you for your valuable advice I will follow them it’s a very clever to show the differences between logos great :slight_smile: thanks