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Buyer failed to fill in requirements, order almost at deadline - what to do?

I am quite new here and I have my first issue on Fiverr. One of my buyers did not fill in the buyer requirements when they ordered my gig. The clock started ticking and now I am 7 hours away from delivering and I have nothing. I have nudged the customer 3 times to send me the details, and no answer. Shall I cancel the order? Will that affect my stats? Or what is the best solution in a case like this?
Many thanks for your replies.

Usually on my gigs they do not start the clock ticking unless the buyer gives the order requirements.
You will need to request a mutual cancellation by going to the Resolution Center which is a tab on the top of the order page.

Also happens to me my first experienced is I cancelled it to the Resolution Center. And i get CANCELLATIONS of 25% and now i got another buyer and did not complete my requirements. I am worried about the 25% cancellation is that going to affect my ranking? or trust let me know please.