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Buyer falsely cancelled the order

Buyer is asking me to complete previous project’s task within the time span of existing order. The previous was completed and delivered on time from my side but buyer couldn’t provide me the Apple Developer’s account credentials in the time span of previous project. After requesting many times, the buyer later marked the previous order as completed but requested me that he will provide me the credentials later and I have to publish the app then.

On August 29 the buyer assigned me another order with the time span of 1 week which is the current order. The buyer didn’t mention the iOS publishing task from previous order at the time of assigning me the current project. And the project details and requirements don’t mention the iOS related task in this order as well. But the buyer bound me to do the previous task too in the time span of current order which I did not commit. Buyer is taking more interest in the previous task than the current project. I delivered the current project on time and delivered many revisions after. The Last revision I delivered was on 9th of September but the buyer didn’t give me any feedback about the current project until today which was too when I asked him to mark the project completed but all of a sudden buyer asked me to deliver the current project file again and started raising issues from the project file which would have been resolved upon rebuilding the solution file. Buyer has refused to comply my instructions to run the project. I have other ongoing projects too with the narrow deadlines but its been 3 and a half weeks since the buyer has enslaved me and bounded me for this project which was meant to be finished within a week. The buyer had threatened for cancelling of project before and has the same intention this time too. Buyer has been behaving me with inappropriate manners right from the start. I’m in a constant depression ever since I’ve started working for this client. I don’t want any disputes but I want this order finished as I have done my part for the current project and the buyer is lingering this project because of the previous order’s task which wasn’t my fault since the buyer failed to provide me the Apple Account credentials within the timespan of previous project. I hope the Fiverr will take of this matter firmly and take firm action against the fraudulent Buyer.

While I was sending the Fiverr team to handle this matter, the Fiverr just cancelled two of my projects just because this Buyer mislead the Fiverr team.

Buyer constantly threatened me of cancelling the project and misbehaved with me. I’m attaching the screen shots of conversation. I had delivered the Buyer both of the projects but buyer was lingering the current project by falsely sending me the errors. Buyer took 5 days to test the project which had time span of 7 days. Now the buyer cancelled both of the projects even though I delivered both of the projects and the only dispute was to publish the iOS app. I completed previous order and the amount was also cleared but the Fiverr support team cancelled both the projects, current one and the completed one, which is totally unfair and making this platform vulnerable for the new freelancers.


@abdulrehmank57 how many project you have done for that specific buyer

1 was completed, was working on the second one which was completed too. But the buyer was persistent he will only mark the order as completed unless the task from previous order will be completed within the time span of current project.