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Buyer Feedback: Approval/Feedback/Follow-Up Process

As a buyer of three book cover designs (one Kindle, one for KDP, one for IngramSpark on the same book), I have found your system deficient and in need of serious improvement on a number of levels. Among other, the most important are regarding the approval process and the lack of a structure allowing for follow-up that becomes necessary after approval.

  1. Seller’s should be required to maintain a file of my designs for later action in case it is required.
    2.Seller’s should be required to name each design file distinctly (my designer, on 3 different cover files, named EVERY design submitted the same (jpg.jpg) or (pdf.pdf). which lends itself to error and confusion for Seller and Buyer.
  2. With its 3 day approval window on a given design, Fiverr’s process does not structurally allow for going back to the designer after initial approval of a design. In Book Cover Design, I had to submit my file to my POD publisher, order proof copies, and wait 6 days to receive those proofs, which were significantly off in color and brightness. Now I am waiting yet another week for the printer to determine whether something wrong in their manufacturing process. I need to be able to go back to my designer to get corrections weeks after approving my final design(s)…which appeared to be fine on my computer.
  3. Apparently color and brightness do NOT appear the same on the computer as they do in print. Fiverr and its Sellers need to have this corrected with software. I need to know what I am actually approving when I approve it.
  4. I need to be able to change my feedback on a Seller based on his performance in correcting follow-up issues like this after the fact, as they come to light and he or she deals with them to meet my needs.

Why? Once an order is delivered, the seller no longer owes the buyer anything. You can certainly request that the seller save all work files, in case you want to hire them again, but they aren’t obligated to do so.

This is not Fiverr’s responsibility. If you have confusion in the file names a seller provides to you, ask them directly to remedy it with any future files that they deliver.

Sure it does. If you need a revision on the files a seller delivered, process a Revision Request. This stops that 3-day timer, and puts an order into a non-timed revision status. You can then work out your revision needs with the seller, and he/she can make the changes and deliver again. Unless, of course, the package you purchased does not include revisions. Sellers are not required to provide revision services.

It might have been best then for you to have purchased the source files. That way, you can make changes after the order is completed within the Fiverr system. It is not the seller’s responsibility to wait indefinitely, on the off-chance that you might want to come back to them a two weeks later for more changes. If you need more changes, that long after order delivery, you can always contact the seller, and see if he/she is willing to offer you a custom order to hire them to make your additional changes.

It sounds like you hired a designer that doesn’t know the basics about design. There are two types of colors – RGB which are the true colors our eyes see (and the colors that show up in images online), and CMYK color which replicates the limited colors that can be combined in printer’s ink. Any serious designer would have sent you high-quality files in print-capable colors. In the future, you might want to be aware of this when hiring a new artist.

Buyer and seller reviews are permanent. They cannot be changed. You cannot review a seller, and then decide to change your review later because you think the seller deserves a different review weeks later.


Hi there. It sounds as if you’re addressing Fiverr directly, just as a heads-up, it’s very doubtful that they answer or even read this post, especially in the Conversations category.

You’d probably have better luck getting a reply or your concerns heard if you send a ticket or mail directly to Fiverr’s customer support, or use the forums Site Suggestions category (chances for a reply by anyone else than other sellers and buyers on any forum category are slim to none, though, so the safest bet is customer support).

This forum is almost exclusively used for peer-to-peer discussion and chat, apart from the occasional announcements of new features by staff and very rare appearance of staff in threads. The categories Bugs and Site Suggestions supposedly get monitored by staff but you won’t find many if any replies by staff there either.

Customer support, on the other hand, is able to forward your concerns to the right team.


I’m sorry, but none of your points really hold water. You are not working with a design agency when you buy on Fiverr. You are working with individuals whom (for the most part) offer work at a considerably lower price point than elsewhere.

I have 4 books published. I also used to offer ebook formatting on Fiverr. Realistically speaking, if you need a seller to keep source files for a long period or continually revise designs, you need to discuss this with them first and ask if they can accommodate such a request.

There are several dedicated publishing companies who incorporate book cover design into this process. Really, if you are buying a cover design on Fiverr, you need to know exactly what problems may come about before your book goes to print. You also need to be prepared for the fact that designers who do not work directly with printers will not always be able to make allowances for certain printing methods.

Sellers on Fiverr structure their pricing on a one-off job basis. Revisions necessary due to the process you are describing are not free and if you were working with a designer locally, they would tell you the same.

Colors and brightness levels display very differently on almost every computer, tablet, smartphone etc. There is no reasonable way for a designer or Fiverr to guarantee that a design will look the same when printed unless all parties agree to use the same computer hardware (and printing technology) when viewing designs.

To be honest, I think the problem here is that you have underestimated the complexity of the process you are currently involved with. If you did not ask your seller before commencing work if he or she would stick with you until your book is in print (regardless of the number or type of revisions involved), you have no real justification to want to change your review.

I would suggest that the most reasonable thing you can do is ask your printer exactly what needs modifying in your design. In fact, it is a little strange how they cannot edit things like brightness for you.

When you have a full list of edits, take these to your designer or a new designer and ask for a quote which includes the need for possible revisions going forward. Your best option would be to ask how much future revisions will be, rather than request that an order stays open-ended. Fiverr itself does not allow orders to run for more than 30-days. In this case, because your seller likely won’t be able to work with your project timeline, it is more respectful to cost such revisions as separate, standalone projects.

The most important thing to remember is that you have ordered a cover design and (apparently) have received one which you were happy with. Now you seem to be asking for revisions which go beyond the scope of your original project brief. This requires your seller to work extra through no fault of their own. If it seems unreasonable to you that further revisions should be paid for, you may be better suited taking the design you have to a regular design or all in one print comany. They will then be able to quote you a price based on the full scope of the work you need undertaking.


I agree with this. It sounds like you got a design you liked and then found a lot of other issues related to getting your book in print that went far beyond what the designer agreed to or what they are capable of.

Regarding the designer keeping the files for you, if you go to your buying history you can find the files on the original order page. It sounds as if you want the designer to include a lot of extra revisions on an ongoing basis and if his gig promised that then you can ask him to do them but he might not be capable of them, or it probably goes beyond the scope of what you paid for originally.

If you left him positive feedback then that was what he deserved. You can’t go back and demand more and more work from him beyond the original order and punish him or hold him hostage with the threat of bad feedback if he does not do it.

You can work with the printer to get the colors in print to your liking, if it’s a good customer oriented printing company.

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I’ve been working with a local cover designer for a month to get an exact book cover and to have the ability to make changes as needed. It has already taken over 80 hours of real-time work to get this far since I’m asking for ongoing support. That kind of service is really costly. Fiverr is a great option for turnkey work, where you send some solid ideas on what you want, some codes for the colors (your choice of code type) and so on. You get back something you can use, change, or have revised but you expect to make additional orders and pay more if you want ongoing support and work.

Personally, if I wanted something as detailed as you describe and I wanted to get it on Fiverr, I would go with an established seller with a large number of positive reviews and I’d expect to pay nearly industry standard rates. For industry standard covers you might pay from $500 to $1200. For something that is less complex you still might have to spend a couple of hundred unless you are going for that straightforward cover where you provide most of the data and go for revisions one order at a time. There are likely some higher priced level 2 and TRS and some Pro sellers who could provide more detailed custom services, but you have to ask first.