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Buyer feedback issues

Hi everyone,hope you all are going well.I am facing some issues now-a-days.After completing my work some of the buyers dont give any star or feedback.Moreover they have given me tips for my work but didnt give any star or feedback.


Hi @noushinnaina13,

It’s not mandatory for buyers to leave reviews or rate your work, it’s their prerogative.

Please, don’t message any of your buyers asking them to leave you reviews. It’s against Fiverr’s TOS doing so and you could get into trouble.

BTW, welcome to the forum! :wink:


But for those issues will it give a bad impact on my profile?

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No, don’t worry. :wink:

Many buyers are not leaving reviews because, with the new blind feedback, sellers can also review buyers and those sellers’ feedbacks now show on their profiles, so most of them don’t want to let others know who they bought from. :wink:


I was tensed about it.Thank you for your attention.


You’re most welcome @noushinnaina13 :wink:

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In addition to what @maitasun said, I also know that there are sellers who do not leave feedback because they do not want anyone to know what services they are buying or from whom. :wink:

This is especially true if they are resellers. :neutral_face: