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Buyer Feedback: No Grace Padding?


So recently, I accepted and completed a buyer request for one of my gigs; the first and only buyer I’ve had since joining this site. Said buyer left a mediocre review (5/5/1: compound 3.7), which is now, according to Fiverr’s system, preventing me from accepting any more buyer requests… and of course, nobody is coming to look at my gigs (I’ve even tried manually searching for them myself; they don’t show up on their respective selling pages). Please note I do not blame this on the seller; this was my first gig, it’s bound to be a bit awkward and clumsy, and I’m frankly pretty happy that they still rated me 5/5 on two of the three feedback categories. But it seems Fiverr has neglected to take that into account; this is the first gig on this site, and they’ve left no room for growing pains. I can understand dedicating the site to ensuring quality service, but this is frankly ridiculous.


There is actually quite a bit of “padding” built in for a review that is a little off. You need a 4.7 to level and I’m not sure about Buyer Requests but I think it’s 4.0 Not that many sellers go lower that that right away unless the service is really poor or they just get very unlucky with a buyer.

The good news is that since you’ve only had one sale, you can ask Support to let you close your account and open a new one. That really shouldn’t hurt much since you are just starting and then you get a clean slate. They usually say yes in this situation if you explain that you got off to a rough start.