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Buyer Feedback Ratings

Just like sellers have feedback and percentages I think that buyers should have feedback ratings. If a buyer has too much negative feedback they should lose their buying privileges. This is an interactive community and just as sellers need to have positive feedback and good reputations, so should buyers!

What do you all think of that?

I agree completely.

As it stands now, sellers are in the vulnurable position. We can’t reject gigs without damaging our cancellation ratio which has a negative effect on our reputation, and if a seller gives bad feedback we can’t defend ourselves unless we contact CS and hope they side with you.

I’m a fan of Ebay’s system. It works well because both parties are on the same terms. And because people stand to lose themselves by giving negative feedback, most decent buyers and sellers actually have very positive scores.

I’ve got almost 130 transactions to my name and a positive feedback score of 100%. On fiverr however, it seems like a very fragile balance. And cancellation ratio definately impacts ones reputation.

I was asked to give feedback on a buyer after a transaction. This buyer made threats to the effect of “or else I’ll cancel my order” when he didn’t bother to read the clearly written pricing.

Who is that feedback for? where does it go? Can I read that feedback on a buyer that contacts me before deciding to do business with him or her?

Fiverr works on impulse buys. Even if the buyer cancels, Fiverr keeps that 20% no matter what and the funds stay on-site. Only time Fiverr loses out is in cases of charge-backs of which Fiverr immediately bans said user.

Anything that interferes with their business model and structure, most likely will never see the light of day. Although I am all for it, I highly doubt anything of the sort will come into existence. Even a slight gesture would be nice, but I am not really going to expect to see it any time soon without a complete revamp of their entire system.