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Buyer Flexible With Schedule

I wish there was a way to change deadlines. For most projects I have allot of lead time. On rare occasions someone else has a deadline. Amending the timeline and allowing the buyer to change it would allow multiple projects, more work, more money and scheduling.

If we could get fancy with the projects, a project timeline where the later projects are planned in pencil. This would help the seller better understand their client base and manage future projects and income.

Just a thought to discuss.

Deadlines are problem everywhere (:

Sometimes we hit them, sometimes we miss… but to be honest I do not see any kind of compromise here… you can change your delivery length on gig whenever you want… but old costumers - old rules… Like in banks (:

I appreciate deadlines but as a buyer, I only want/need quality.

As I buyer, how can I extend the delivery date? I don’t wish for my creative team to have these red marks - see attached.

But by allowing the whole deadline thing to get fancier as you say, that changes the whole nature of Fiverr to begin with. Many buyers are just here to buy now, they aren’t scheduling their jobs way out in the future.

@sincere 18 I think that is true in some categories but not all. Some SEO gigs take lots of time to complete and prove. Buyers don’t all want to have to mark completed before they see results. I had a fiction writing gig up for awhile and buyers wanted to give plenty of time for length and quality. I stopped offering custom non-fiction e-books on Fiverr for that reason also. Buyers still message me asking for 50+ page books.

Reply to @fonthaunt: I can understand that, but then I would think for example of a fiction writing gig, your regular delivery time on the gig would be much, much longer than other types of writing.