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Buyer Flips Out!


I’m an illustrator and this woman orders from me. Good. Great. No problem.

My delivery time is set at 29 days but I usually deliver earlier. Well, she comes to me after having already placed her order and says that she’ll need a total of 15 illustrations within 4-6 weeks. Basically, this gives me 2-3 days per illustration. I tell her that I’ll have to adjust my style to something that can be done in that amount of time.

Still, no problem.

I draw her up a sketch, she approves it. Then I haul tail and deliver the finished illustration to her. But after I deliver I realize that I’m totally unhappy with it. I ask her to reject it because I want to do something less cartoony and with more atmosphere.

No response from her.

That’s fine, I move forward anyways.

I go in and pour over other illustrations on the internet. I experiment with digital brush after digital brush in search of a texture congruent with the look I’m after.

Then I tackle color harmonies.

Basically, what I was after was a look that could be accomplished in two days but didn’t look like it took only two days.

I do a new sketch for her that I am extremely happy with.

Then she responds…

This woman totally rails on me! Saying that “this isn’t what we agreed upon” and “where’s my sweet, talented Dave, I miss him.” (brings to mind an old woman talking to a cat on her lap)

And then she goes into, "Don’t undermine me! Why do you produce great work for everyone else and not me? Because I’m a woman?"


She didn’t even ask me to make any changes. I took that initiative on my own.

She said a lot of stuff that I won’t go into here. But, seriously, it was very weird for me.

I put in a cancellation request because this person seems entirely way too unstable.

Am I wrong?


I most likely would’ve cancelled as well… However, I’ve learned to do exactly what was discussed and what the buyer wants, even when I know I could do something better. At least this way if they’re unhappy with it, you can say you followed all of their instructions…


hold on


Reply to @est1990:But that’s the thing; I finished the initial artwork and delivered it. If she wanted the first then it was still there.

That second sketch (which I’ll gladly keep for myself) was an added thing. It took nothing away from the original concept or final artwork that remained in the cloud.

With art, you know sometimes it can head in a direction that the client doesn’t like but I make it very clear to everyone that I am available in all ways to make it right. And if that connection just can’t be made, there’s no reason to attack someone’s character and accuse them of a major “-ist” in this case “Sexist.”


Reply to @candygraphix: Yeah I hear ya… sometimes you’re at the mercy of the buyer. Sucks…


Life’s too short to deal with people like that imho. It looks like you are doing well enough, so let it go.

I like the way your gig has a clear pricing structure for what you will do. I will be doing a Children’s Book gig when I get to level 2 in early Jan (should be a formality) and am gathering ideas for structuring the extras etc. I have a very different style from you though so I won’t be directly competing. Good luck with it all.


Reply to @jbadrawings:

jbadrawings said: Life's too short to deal with people like that imho. It looks like you are doing well enough, so let it go.

There you go! Now that's the truth right there!
The buyers that I have worked with on this site have been amazing. That positivity GREATLY outweighs the occasional loose cannon.
There was this one perv dude though....... never mind..... perhaps I'll save that one for my next dinner party.

Thank you for your compliments on my pricing structure. Actually, when I first came on this site, I studied how other people were doing things and then adapted it to suit how I work.

If you want to use one of my methods, DO IT! Survive, human! Even if you did exactly what I do, I wouldn't be offended whatsoever! The way I see it, we have the same passion in life. That doesn't make us enemies or competition. That's something ethereal that binds us. The words that come out of your mouth will interest me infinitely more than that of a regular person. We're creators!

I'm glad you're here!

Now get out there and give em what for!!!


Cheers, I’ll do that, 'I will give you what for for five dollars!" could be a winner :wink:

yes, like you, I have been studying what other sellers do, and taking notes.

Good to ‘meet’ you :wink:


Reply to @jbadrawings:

jbadrawings said: 'I will give you what for for five dollars!"

Spoken like a true seller, lol!


I’m not saying this is what happened, candygraphix, but considering how little attention some people pay :wink: … maybe the buyer didn’t even see the first thing you sent before they flipped! In my ‘real’ job, I’ve had folks email me ranting about how I had the nerve to send them an invoice before sending completed files when they simply didn’t see the email or download link with the finished work.

People are so quick to take offense or get angry it’s almost like they only look for things that offend or anger them instead of just seeing what’s right in front of them!

(Everywhere, not just Fiverrland.)

Best of luck to you!


Reply to @itsyourthing: Actually, I think you’re dead on!

A friend and myself were discussing this today. How people spend so much time on the internet, scrolling and skimming along page after page that their attention span has weakened critically.

I get the strong impression that she would only read the last of my messages and not check priors. She didn’t follow instructions well, didn’t pay attention and was completely, socially careless.

Also, I don’t know how everyone else’s mail is but the new Mac Mail groups messages together in one folder. Initially, I was missing messages due to this. A client of mine outside of fiverr would miss messages from me on his iPhone. I’m guessing that it was operating the same way?

Still, even if that was the case with her, was all of that really necessary?

Like you said, some people are just waiting to pounce!

Now I’m going to go look at your profile because I’m nosey, lol.

candygraphix said: Like you said, some people are just waiting to pounce!

Now I'm going to go look at your profile because I'm nosey, lol.

Don't judge me too harshly! I think of Fiverr as a testing ground (probably so I don't feel too badly when I don't get orders!) ;)


Reply to @itsyourthing: For me it’s a way to build my portfolio and get paid for it.


I think if a gig is “too arty” then all buyers have different views in their minds on how a gig will turn out so you are more likely to get people with odd expectations. If you can stick to gigs where it’s super clear what they are getting then you seem to get less hassles like this. Just my experience.


As a buyer, the communication is so hard to manage. I try to add as many photos to explain the feel that I am looking for to add clarity to the project.

The timing is something that completely frustrates me as a buyer and I cannot imagine the seller dealing with the timing. Some gigs I don’t need right a way but the seller is so concern with the timeframe - I wish as a buyer I could amend the timeline. I don’t want a rushed job. Also I have several jobs I would like to pencil in so the seller knows this is multiple projects not a one time gig. If FirveRR could add in some new tools to help the communication and readily agree to amend the timetable, I believe it would help both the buyer and the seller.


Reply to @creativeman: Oh how I envy those sellers who offer pre made packages to buyers, lol! That’s the way to really profit on this site. No time, no hassle. Just hit send. I’m still trying to come up with something like that.

In the meantime, I think a good policy for me and other artists on this site (or anywhere else for that matter) to ask the client what piece in your portfolio they were attracted to the most. That way a visual dialogue begins to be established.


Reply to @ezbodyboard: When I first got on this site I made the mistake of going right down my queue mechanically. I ended up losing a client that way because she waited so long before seeing anything.

Now I bounce around on my queue.

I keep everyone updated on their project’s progress. I send them pictures of their illustration’s current state.

These visual updates are also valuable, I found out, because it saves the work “in the cloud.” I accidentally lost all of my projects while updating my computer’s operating system recently and was glad that I had up-to-date versions here on fiverr.

Even just stopping in and telling a client “Hey, I haven’t forgot about you.” Let’s them know that they’re important to you.