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Buyer focused on one gigs

I have 5 active gigs, but just one gigs that buyer choosed to order, even though the project didn’t match with the gigs description. And now I change that gigs with a general title.

Is that because the review? So they choose that gigs?

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Not sure about that, but your gig title makes no sense.

“I will do a professional video editing and storytelling with fast”

With fast what? Also, it doesn’t sound right regardless. You should say “I will do professional video editing…” not “a professional…”

You should also look into your thumbnails:

The first one has an actual thumbnail, all the others are quite bad - either all black, half black, a quite ugly logo, cropped text… Naturally most people will click on the first, since it’s more appealing. Having reviews also helps, of course.

Btw, “with professionally” is wrong. If you want to include that, you should write “with professionalism”.

visualstudios Thank you

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