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Buyer force to cancel the order

I am facing a problem on order cancellation. Buyer wants to cancel the order suddenly.
I didn’t find my gig anywhere my ratio is getting low.
In this time if a order cancelled then what can I do please let me know :disappointed: I tried to convince but he wants to cancel :disappointed:


Forget obsessing about your Gig. Focus on your customer.

What reason do they give to want to cancel?
Did you deliver or show any work?
Was your work at least as good as what is in your portfolio?



[Order cancelled without negative consequences, CS response within 5 hours]

Message CS and explain. Send screen shots of the buyer message to cancel. It worked for me.

I’m so tired of buyers acting unprofessionally, treating sellers like ****.

I’m assuming you have done everything you could and this is buyer error.

Everything is ok he didn’t came online…
Suddenly he came and told me to cancel

But his question to you was:

Why does the buyer want to cancel?


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I noticed this.
Seller seems happy with cancellation???

Everything feels odd.
Maybe this is the 20201 vibe LOL


It happens.

There are as many strange Buyers out there as there are strange Sellers.

You have to take the good with the bad.

I’ve had years of experience in retail/service industries.

There’s always someone who dislikes something and will cancel an order.

Focus on the good customers and you won’t notice the bad ones so much.

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