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Buyer Forced me to do additional work

Hello there,
This is mahfoz. 2days ago I got an order. we made an agreement for making two invoices templates at very discounted price. I have done. I submitted the final one. He got it, everything is okay. Now He is claiming another two templates. But don’t wanna place any order.
He force me to do that by saying “Otherwise I will cancel the whole order”

Many orders in que.
So, i myself dispute the order. but he is not responding at all. What happens after 48 hours when he don’t respond about the dispute?



This comes from official Help article.

Mutual Cancellations: This is one way to resolve an order that both parties can’t agree on. If a Buyer doesn’t respond within two days of a Seller initiating a Mutual Cancellation, the Gig is automatically canceled. The same applies if the Buyer requests the cancellation, and the Seller remains unresponsive.

As a consequence your order completion performance will be affected.


In short…

Dear sweet friend,

You will have two to three option available, but it still depends on how you respond and attentively take care yourself with your respected client.

  • The best option is to Upsell .
  • The second choice is to have a better & reliable conversions with your client/buyer.
  • The third choice is put your conversion into the desk of CS
  • The Ultimate options is to hit dispute button and let your buyer knows about it and you.

If your respected buyer’s do not replied or respond to your Ultimate option then your order get automatically cancelled and thus buyer’s funds will returned back to respected buyer’s account.

I hope with all of these suggestion will make your better understand and make you Best Fiverr seller.

Don’t worry!, sometime it happens and it is just a part of business.

I wish one day you will be great seller.

Happy Earning!


You reply by saying that you have “fulfilled the order” and that “any attempt to get extra work for free will be reported to customer support, which could result in your account receiving a warning or being suspended”.

Sellers have to standup to bullies.

I see you offer unlimited revisions. This is a very bad idea.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you so much for your valuable word. Really appreciated your words.

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I have been giving unlimited for a long, I did not know about it. Never face any problem.

I always tried to give my best to ensure my clients are happy.

Now make sense. Thanks for your words.

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You have agreed to be treated like a doormat by giving a huge discount. And then the buyer treats you like a doormat. No surprise there.

Stop offering unlimited revisions, and stop giving discounts for no good reason (in other words, stop giving discounts, period).


Offering unlimited revisions is never a problem until it becomes a problem!

A bad buyer or scammer will use this to force you to carry out extra work. We have seen reported in the forums many times that in cases like this, customer support tend to side with the buyer and not the seller.

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Unlimited revisions is kind of “trick” to attract Buyers for some Sellers. That´s how some Sellers think, but mostly the Sellers copy other Sellers so that their offer is equal… :upside_down_face:

Word “unlimited” sounds ridiculous itself.:slight_smile:

Expert and/or professional do not certainly need unlimited revisions. They want to be work done within one or two revisions and move to other project.


Well the above veterans gave a good reply. All i can recommend is since the order is going to be cancelled anyway even if buyer does not respond and the timer ends, why not take the dispute to CS. Maybe they will support you. Attach the screenshots. Worth a try. Nothing will harm you. CS might cancel but atleast you should try.
Cancel the dispute your self and take the matter to CS

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Thank you so much for your suggestion.

Thank you for your suggestion.

The order might not be cancelled.

The seller has disputed the cancellation. If the buyer does not respond to the dispute, then the order will not be cancelled. However, if this happens then the buyer can still leave feedback.

EDIT: Actually, it’s difficult to tell from the op’s original post whether the buyer or the op placed the cancellation request.