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Buyer forced me to do service for his budget

Hi !
There was a client who asked me youtube views for his budget and I completed his order. He satisfied with that And he was sending messages to me and asked different amount of views for cheap prices that I unable to do. When I said that, I can’t do for that budget, then he told me that, he has already a seller who likes to work with him for that budget. So I said it is good and good luck. After that he said me he still didn’t rate for my 1st order. And he rated it. He told me, that he gave me a good rate and he like the service. So I gave him 5 star because I didn’t think that much about what his opinion. After I rated I saw he rated me " This is very bad service" with one star :frowning: . I felt like My whole world was falling apart :frowning: I was nervous at that time and I asked him what have you done? and What have I done for you for giving me ratings like this. because he told he like my service and he told me that, he gave me good ratings. And I got angry because of his behavior. and I told I will give you nice comments for his youtube videos. I know it is not really good to say like that. But I was very sad and I was very angry. I didn’t ask any time from him for rates my order. but he reported my account however about ratings. and I got warning from fiverr. I send message for help and support by explaining this everything and I report him and blocked him. After that he came new account with new name and ask me to do his service then he will change the rating. I said him I don’t want your rates and I can’t do this service. I said him to correct his mistake then I will think about your order. because I wanted to after correct his mistake then block his account. While I was saying I can’t do this order he placed me a new order. Again I report his account and asked for support from fiver. Still I didn’t get any respond from Fiverr. Guys please let me know what Is the best thing I have to do now? If I cancel this my complete ratings going down. Now my completion rating is 80% . Or do I have to wait for fiver respond ? But if they take more than 3 days it will cancel automatically.


This is called “review manipulation” and it is not allowed on Fiverr.

You are exposing yourself.

because you violated ToS.

What a PITA person.

Keep blocking them. Anyone who operates under threats is never worth working with. EVER.

Maybe even put your prices up. It is mostly only people who want to steal who expect work for $5.

Hold firm.



yeah as sellers we have to bow our heads and shuts our mouth to all the unfair things that come from buyers

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yeah sure. I told him I can’t do his new order. but he doesn’t care about my words and placed the order and now he oped dispute on my order now. :sweat_smile: I declined that and send him I need fiverr support. He wants revenge on me because I didn’t give him what he wanted for his price.

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It’s not allowed to sell views, likes, subscribers, and so on.

It’s not allowed to ask buyers about the ratings they gave, or to make them feel bad about the ratings they gave.

That would break YouTube’s Terms of Service, and therefore, Fiverr’s Terms of Service, too.

You broke the rules and got a warning.

That’s breaking the rules. Again.

Stop breaking the rules, or you risk getting banned.


I don’t know what to do. He still send me messages with fake pictures that someone comment on his videos those I didn’t do. Now he try to however ban my account. can I stay not respond his messages ? and is it good to say fiverr again that he is still threatening me with using pictures? I have doubt that if he try to take fiverr support for ban my account using those pictures.

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"It’s not allowed to sell views, likes, subscribers, and so on "
but I saw those are selling on fiverr by some sellers

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None can help you here any more!

You heard what others said. You violated terms so many times that your Gigs and profile might be removed anytime. I would agree to do that with no hesitation.

The best you could do is take down all those Gigs promising services out of your control and misleading Buyers. Well, that’s all of them actually.

All those services might be removed step by step. It’s just a matter of time.

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No, we as sellers don’t have to bow our heads. In fact, as I seller you did a lot of things right by blocking and reporting the person.

Then you attempted review manipulation twice. And you’re selling what’s not allowed on fiverr. So getting CS involved to draw further attention to your account might not be a good idea.

They haven’t been caught yet.


I don’t know that I can’t sell views subscribers and etc. actually I am selling backlinks and from that gig he needed views. But I know I have already sold views from that gig. after all he will gain what he need

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You still attempted to get the review changed twice. It’s 2 warnings if you keep dragging CS into this and they’ll notice. You sort of got yourself into a corner here with your behaviour.


There is so much that is wrong with your story.

It all starts with selling a service that Fiverr does not allow. Selling fake views on social media / YouTube is against Fiverr’s terms of service. Why? Because the entire industry of buying reviews is based on fraud.

Because YOU offered a banned service… everything that followed can be traced back to your one action. For those that are offering sympathy, think about it - the seller broke Fiverr’s terms of service which we ALL agreed we read and understood when we created out accounts.

EDIT: And buyers do not ‘force’ sellers to do anything. Sellers agree to it.


things that should have happened to me now are over. at least can I get my money after suspend my accout? and also I want to ask can buyers ask views and etc? is it not breaking TOS?

1st time he asked me views and I said yes can provide. but 2nd time he asked me more views for cheap budget and I said I can’t do that. He forced me using my 1st order ratings to do his 2nd order. And you are saiyng " And buyers do not ‘force’ sellers to do anything. " still he is forcing me

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It’s not Buyer who forced you. It was you. :wink:


yeah you can say whatever you want. but I am the who face this issue. I know the truth. and I can prove it. anyway thanks for you :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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and you people don’t know how our situation is. and this is only words and fun for you.

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No. You’re really not understanding that you are the cause of this.

You decided to offer a service that broke Fiverr’s terms of service. Offering fake views is banned by Fiverr for a reason - because it is fraudulent.

Because you decided to get involved in a fraudulent activity, you then naturally attracted a fraudulent / scam buyer.

My point is, if you had followed Fiverr’s rules to start with - you would not be in this position now.


That’s correct. I do not know how is your situation but Fiverr is business with its rules and terms.

Yes, it sounds funny because you violated many rules (attempting review manipulation, offering service that is out your control, misleading buyers) but you still feel you can argue with CS or others.

I am afraid whatever your truth is, it will not be the only truth. It would be wiser to step back imo and let it go.

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