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Buyer forcing me to do work


The buyer placed an order directly and forced me to do work as I’m busy with other projects. Buyer decline order cancel request again and again. forcing me to do work and threatening me that he will raise complaints with CS.

What should I do? please help on this


When you’re too busy to work on new orders you can go into out of office mode or pause all your gigs or extend the delivery number of days in the gig setup or change the “limit orders in queue” for the gigs.

You could also put a message asking them to contact you before ordering in any gigs that you want them to in.

For the current order you could ask for a delivery extension if you can’t deliver it in time.


Just message him that you cannot deliver this order and then ask customer care to cancel it.

NEVER, EVER let a Buyer bully you.

That’s an automatic CANCEL or report to Fiverr CS.