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Buyer forcing to cancel order after delivery

My gig involves selling themes and there was this buyer fragglesrock who asked me for wordpress version of a theme. I said I do not have wordpress but I can provide HTML version. He agreed to take it and purchased the gig. I sent the theme file. Then he got the wordpress version elsewhere and forced me to cancel the order. I refused to do it as I had already sent the desired theme file. He warned me that he will leave negative review if I do not cancel.

When I reported this to fiverr along with the screenshot, I got this reply :

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us.

Since we cannot force the buyer to accept your work if they are no satisfied with it, please resume your communication with them and try to reach some mutually acceptable resolution. Please keep us posted on how your communication with the buyer would progress.



This is very unfriendliness of fiverr towards sellers. I have put the request to remove the negative review as it is not correct and I am waiting for the reply. Are there other buyers facing the same problem, how should we avoid such problems in future.

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There is simple solution for designers and developers.

Always Deliver Watermarked design files or host HTML work on your hosting and show the buyer for approval of work. And ask if is there any revisions you want.

If he said HE IS HAPPY, YES SEND ME FILES. Then there you go you are SAFE.

If he ask for cancellation after that, you contact fiverr support and they will take care of that buyer.

And yes sending watermarked files for approval purpose, it is allowed by fiverr. I confirmed it :slight_smile:

So Work wisely to protect yourself also :slight_smile:


Hello Wingle, you have given a good solution.

I am selling a software to create unlimited Twitter accounts.

Is there any way, i can protect my software from such buyers?


Reply to @binnys18303: If you have developed a software. Develop another one with some restrictions like it will only work 5 minute or create few twitter accounts.

Send DEMO and ask buyer if they are happy with it and once buyer confirms send full version.

(This solutions is for any software developer)

@binnys18303 PLEASE NOTE: Creating such accounts using a Software is might be against TOS of TWITTER (i did not read their TOS, but I’m sure it is) and you might get trouble here on fiverr also.

this will affect your profile,why not explain that to the buyer and ask him to pick any other gig he might like as you could not cancel the order to save your fiverr rating, in most cases the seller would agree

this is really helpful. thank you so much