Buyer forcing to do something i dont do and threatning to leave negative feedback


buyer is forcing me to do a t shirt logo which takes more than 6 hours to do. i don’t do drawings buyer wants a drawing too.he is forcing me to do it by saying he will leave negative feedback if i don’t do what he wants. i tried to refund twice but he doesn’t accept.admin, pls cancel these two orders and help me.


Good luck getting them to help you at all. I had an idiot buyer purchase my gig, and then try to force me to do what she wanted. My gig SPECIFICALLY said “calls to UNITED STATES ONLY” and no “sales calls, telemarketing, cold calls, prospecting” etc. She gives me no instructions until ONE DAY before gig is due. Then she tells me she wants me to prospect call businesses in UK. I have no bloody way of ever being able to call anyone in the UK. I have no Skype or Google Talk. I have no home phone. There isn’t even a pay phone in the small town I live in. I have a US ONLY prepaid cell phone. I begged CS for help. I told her that I COULD NOT do what she wanted me to do. Still my rating is now 50%. Because she was too much of a moron, to read and comprehend my gig. Now I pay the price. CS says I have to take care of it with her. This is ridiculous!

Would I be allowed to order a gig for a knitted red scarf, and then tell the seller I want crocheted black mittens? When she doesn’t fill the order, should I be allowed to give her a bad rating? No matter that she can’t crochet, has no black yarn, and can’t make mittens. Would that be fair? NO!

Why don’t they require buyers to include instructions with their purchase, and allow sellers the option of accepting the sale, or rejecting it, if the transaction is unacceptable?


Admin still not answer my ticket :frowning: He put 2 late delivery :frowning: I send him 3 refund req on each gig and he keep rejecting them


Reply to @cybercube: CS hasn’t answered my requests either, so good luck getting them to respond in time. Buyers are getting out of hand on this damn site.

musiclover said: Buyers are getting out of hand on this damn site.

I totally agree. I recently had one who ordered, understanding my gigs, and then through a paddy because I wouldn't deliver more. This wasn't even the case of not reading the gig description! He read, asked questions, understood what I would and wouldn't offer, ordered (knowing I wouldn't do exactly what he wanted) but then expected more than my offering.

The buyer seems to have cancelled through PayPal in the end and I've got to say that I'm happy that's happened. I got to the point where I couldn't be bothered dealing with it anymore. I think even if I did do as he asked, he would have left negative feedback anyway to because he didn't get his own way from the start.


Feedback extortion. I would of just forced canceled it if possible, and contacted CS and hope that they side with the seller for once.


Reply to @aingham69: smh. You should report the buyer to Fiverr CS (if they’re not on vacation), because buyers who open a dispute via Paypal are supposed to be banned from the site.

musiclover said: smh. You should report the buyer to Fiverr CS (if they're not on vacation), because buyers who open a dispute via Paypal are supposed to be banned from the site.

I will do today. I was answering messages only off my phone yesterday, intermittently, since it was my daughter's 1st birthday -- that was much more important. Today is back to work and back to sorting everything out.

Edit to add: actually, it seems like the buyer has been removed from Fiverr already; realised after I'd put in the support ticket.


Reply to @aingham69: Cool. Glad they took care of them.


This is happening to me a buyer is keep forcing me after 3 to 4 cancellation request from me. he is forcing me to do the job. i have contact the CS team now waiting for reply from them.


This is why ive taken a break from buyer request for now. Sick of dealing with the abuse, and having to monitor these assholes like I’m their 6th grade Math teacher, while getting paid significantly less for doing so.

Pretty much just keep cancelling and requesting CS to cancel. This is the game we play here on Fiverr. What? You’re not having fun yet?


That’s exactly what it is, EXTORTION! Tell them straight up that they are extorting you and that it is against Fiverr’s TOS and that if they don’t accept your mutual cancellation that you will contact CS and they will more than likely have their account banned if they don’t stop!


keep trying to do cancellation because you have the right to cancel order if buyer request more than what your gig deliver.


I’m in a similar boat, I sold a gig for $400.00 to write a website. I accepted a deposit of $200.00 and agreed that the remainder would be paid on delivery.

Two days into the project, with the entire website developed and foundations for a game to be included. I queried, how do you plan to trade items (Steam)? and the buyer had no idea!

I offered a solution based on other sites, e.g Steam API Key and a Steam Bot either in Node.JS or C# .NET (which the buyer will need to find/pay for the service) I am not selling a gig for Node.JS or C# development. (especially not a whole application server)

So the buyer is claiming he will cancel and demand a full refund unless I find a person to fulfill the job, and pay (as a third-party) as if I will risk that! He buys an extra, I pay another person to complete this requirement, he claims to cancel, and steals my money. (not happening)

Now I’m sat with 15 hours of completed work, unable to progress due to the buyers fault, with the risk of loosing $400.00 (I offered to deliver the existing project as is, for just the deposit of $200.00 which I thought was reasonable.)

After investigating, I turned up evidence that this Fiverr user has multiple accounts, and obtains work from various sources, gives it to other Fiverr sellers for a substantial amount less (My original quote was $500.00 but bartered down to $400.00) just to line his pocket.

Without a doubt this user is violating the TOS in so many ways, including extorting me to complete additional work that isn’t my responsibility. Unfortunately doubt CS will do much.


Dude. You’re never going to get $400. He’s already “bargained” you down to $400 and you’ve given him an option to pay $200 after delivery. He’s under no obligation to do that. None whatsoever.

I should imagine that Customer Support will be on your side re: multiple accounts, but the reselling is common enough here. You need to focus on not falling for this “I’ll pay the other half later” nonsense. You’re getting $200 or diddly squat for this project, I can tell you that right now.


So it is, my bad but obviously someone else replied to this to keep it active, sometimes I don’t bother to look at the date, LOL.


Yeah dude, it seems to me you have been played/tricked by your buyer.