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Buyer forgot his account details

Hello. I have just received a message from a person who said, that he ordered a gig from me, but as he had lost his Fiverr login details, and can no longer get into it, he wants me to get the files from that order, and send them to this new account.
He mentioned his previous Fiverr and Youtube username (both of them are correct), the time is the same in both accounts, and both were made in January 2021. However, that first (“lost account”) was just online (“It said that it was online a few minutes ago”).
So I’m not sure what to do (If I can do anything at all).

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Sounds fishy to me.

Would you want to work for someone who couldn’t find their keys to their office?

That’s pretty much what is going on here.

I’d pass.

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That person sounds very dodgey… maybe contact Fiverr Support and tell them to contact the buyer?

Doesn’t sound good! If he has lost his log-in details he can get them from Fiverr. He may want to work remotely, don’t do anything offline or off Fiverr.

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Tell the Buyer that they should initiate the account recovery process.

If they protest, definitely get Customer Support involved in this. It’s far too much risk to your account and reputation.

There are high chances that he was banned.
Recently, I had a customer like that. He tried to find many explanations, and all he wanted was to get the files of the original order.
Here’s the answer from CS:

I suggest that you inform them that you are not able to provide them with the work on the new account and that, if they have any issues with accessing the account, they can contact us and that we will be assisting the further.
Also, please keep in mind that you should never send the files to anyone except to the user that has placed the order as it cannot be known what can the information be used for.


He lost access to his user id on Fiverr… but he is still on YouTube? as him to post a “private video” of your choice and verify that it’s him. If he is the actual person, he should be able to post that… right?

I think it is a reasonable ask, if true (questionable)

And answered by @vovkaslovesnyy :grinning: