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Buyer (Fragglerock) - who wants you to work for free ? (fan pages)


I just want to share something with sellers and ask for some help as well. I will try to be short. I create or update existing fan pages and I had someone contacting me for fan page designs (many fanpage designs as he has many projects ) offering me his skype id which I ignored. I also told him I’m quite busy but I can help him in few days. So he waited for me and contacted me in few days. He basically sent me cover photos and asked me to do the same style cover images but for his website. Oh, and he also wanted the extra fast delivery but for free (he counted the days since his first contact with me). I made it clear I can do a cover image that will be the same style but will be based on his website. He was happy for that and ordered by saying he just needs the cover image design. And he also asked for a free google plus cover since he already has signed up for a facebook page. I delivered two days earlier (which is the extra fast delivery) and was also nice to deliver the google cover. He then pretended he didn’t understood what is this gig about and argued that I didn’t do anything for him. I explained him several times I delivered what he ordered and according to his instructions. He wanted to cancel the order by saying that I design a cover and profile images for facebook and not fanpages. So since three days he is bugging me and wants to cancel because I did a cover and profile photo for him.

I have contacted customer support for this issue because this is a buyer who wants to make use of people and have work done for free. However, I am still waiting for their reply and it’s been two days now.

If I knew that this was such a buyer I would have never accepted his order. It would have been nice to have a rating system for buyers too so we can get idea if they are trustworthy. Just now, after he bugged me again, I realized to ask you if you know this buyer and if you had any experience with him. His id is FRAGGLESROCK. If this is a regular pattern of his behaviour he shouldn’t be on Fiverr using people. That might help us all.

Sheriff’s Note: It is not cool (or allowed) to call out others on the Forum.

Hello nehrium. I’m not certain, but I don’t think we can post names here.

I think we cannot post user names here, but you’re so right - buyers should be rated as well! And we should be able to decline order if we don’t want to work with them. :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear about your experience. You’ve been kind and helpful. It’s good you contacted Support - please don’t agree with cancellation, it wouldn’t be fair at all. And if he gives you negative review, Support should remove it as well.

This buyer FRAGGLESROCK has been mentioned many times in the forum. Take note guys n gals

Sheriff’s Note: It is not cool (or allowed) to call out others on the Forum.

Thanks for the note. I thought that it is not allowed but I’ve seen that there were many threads calling out Fragglesrock which confused me.

Reply to @ynneblack:

Thank you. I am glad that you think the same way and I hope that something will be done soon about buyers’ ratings. He actually threatened me with negative review several times but I ignored it.

I am not agreeing with the cancellation even though he is bugging me so much that it starts to tempt me, just to get some peace :S

Reply to @stuffnthings:

Yes, seem so. I got confused with previous postings. I guess fragglerock is a fictitious id which we use in that case.