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Buyer Fraud me and gave negative rates

Guys today i submit a order buyer was happy that the results are good but then he demand new requirment that is not part of the program and that long process also he is also not agree on increasing price also, also they complete and gave me 3 rating and just right reasonable good review i also type in repsonse that he asked for new requirements in free.

But i’m sad why i get 3 rates i done whole work perfect.
Also now i have this on my gig

(39) 5star (1)4 star (1)3star.

Now i’m scraing about my career on freelancing that this 3 star will effect it did buyer see i have 3 star and he will not order me. that things is revolving in my mind.

My overall rating is 81 in which 78 is 5 star rating i can get more 5 star easily i have order in quene but this will pinch me.

Any feedback guys


What has happened to you is standard behavior from the beginning of Fiverr.

You have even whole Reddit’s dedicated on how to scam sellers on Fiverr, TRS, and PRO sellers, effectively. You order, then get delivery, then ask for cancellation and leave negative feedback.

If you spend your time here on forum reading posts dating from 2010 you will see that scams are here to stay.

Fiverr is filled with unskilled and skilled people. Unfortunately, the latest are counted in small numbers.

Customer support is there, but sometimes it is impossible for them to check every tiniest detail of the case so the next best thing is cancellation and refund.

Meaning the buyer gets his work and money.

To Fiverr, 100000 people selling 1 logo a day at $5 is the same as 1 selling at 100000 so, to them, if 70% of those are fakers, still profit exists.

The problem is unsolvable.

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“What has happened to you is standard behavior from the beginning of Fiverr.”

I laughed at that but I shouldn’t.

It’s a true though.

You can’t build a business if you think that one 3 star review will “ruin your career”.

You are your own boss and only you can decide what can take you out of freelancing.

You can always reply to that review that person tried to get work for free and when that didn’t work they left you bad review.
That will definitely scare away all other scammers that will want to try to get work for free from you because they’ll see that it doesn’t work with you.

Turn your weaknesses into your strength.



Pretty motivating lol, I should have this kind of words on my phone alarm, maybe I won’t roll in my bed so long before I get up

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