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Buyer from hell! First insists I delivered late (delivered in 4 hrs) and now claims I hacked him

I really hope fiverr implements the blocking feature for buyers. I have just had a run in with a buyer from hell.

First the buyer asks for the files (which my developer license requires me to install it for the client, as such I refuse). Despite a 2 hour delay in him sending me the necessary information to proceed with the order and delivering the gig in 4 hours and 20 minutes (on a 24 hour gig). I get a review stating that I delivered late and wasn’t sorry about it.

I left a review explaining my side of the story with timestamps. He then proceeds to give me a 5 star review but today buyer claims I hacked his site, added myself as admin and deleted his files.

I hop on over to the domain and I see another theme which I hadn’t installed. I had not tried the login information since I uploaded the files.

I have forwarded the post to some friends in legal to see if we can do anything about this defamation. On a side note I did find an interesting article : Fragglesrock

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It happens :slight_smile: it’s full of weird people… you can’t do anything about it :slight_smile:

How bizarre! At least you got a good review out of it, right? And if he tries to report you for “hacking his site” you’ll have evidence that this guy’s a weirdo. Might be worth screenshotting your correspondence with him just in case.

I totally agree, we should be able to block buyers!

If I were you I’d try to explain that I had nothing to do with it and then just ignore him!